Grounding/Earthing. Dirty feet for health

Green earth

Grounding- Earthing through your feet for health

Taking off our shoes is freeing in it self, dirt  under your feet or sand between the toes, this action is connection for our soul and healing for our body, mind and emotions.  Grounding – is placing your bare feet on the earth. Which can be soil, grass, rocks or sand at the beach, for at least 30 minutes a day.  Hanging out with friends or chilling with a good book will get the job done.  30 minutes will help you with your stress levels and reduce pain levels.  If you have more complex physical, mental or emotional stories you are experiencing then up to an hour would be advisable.  Though keep in mind also your not doing it wrong if you can’t do the hour, fit in what you can into your day, into your week and know that you are doing great.  Grounding also supports lowering blood pressure, depression, reduce inflammation, reduce red blood cell clumping, reduce pain, improve sleep and happiness…

My intuitive sights allow me to see this connection flowing from our feet and I will share that with you, also links from a scientist and others that have done the experiment of healing through grounding-earthing.  Because we all absorb our information in individual ways, I’ll share the energetic and the science. Enjoy.

We are part of this beautiful planet and she is a part of us on all our levels of being.  There is an energetic line that flows from the base of our feet into the earth and connects us with every living thing on and in this earth.  I see it as a red energy line that flows from each of us and connects with the soil, blades of grass, bugs, plants, animals and other humans. Energy is made of vibration that forms a frequency and is carried by light. This light frequency is full of information and depending on what our frequency is it opens that information up for communication.

There is also another connection that we have with the earth which is connected deeply with our heart center.  Consciously connecting with this area of ourselves and the heart of the earth also amplifies healing on all levels. So I am including in this blog a link to my Grounding and Shielding meditation which you can do while bare foot.  You’ll be grounding your energy on two levels while also connecting with the heart wisdom of the earth, your soul and balancing your energy centers of the body in matter and energy.

It was while I was doing this meditation that I was then shown the red energy line that connects us all.  At first I felt the connection of all beings via the heart alignment I had deepened with the earths heart (the above meditation guides you through this). The depth of connection through heart space grows and expands over time and repetition this brings with it a greater knowledge.

Knowledge that is transferred via frequency, pure energy.  Which is what grounding is, it’s an energetic practice.  We’ve become electron deficient and need to ground again. Energetic information is available to everyone if you desire to harness and deepen your connection.

Stepping onto the earth shoeless for me is like entering a joyful gathering of friends and family.  I feel welcomed, energised and happy.

Clint Ober below is a retired Cable TV Executive that improved his health through grounding his feet. He has gone on to share his process and scientific findings.

Dr Jim Oschman is a biologist who studied the benefits of grounding back in 2012, you can watch his finding here.

Grounding or Earthing is our natural way of being, though life has evolved and changed, I hope you find something here that will support your health needs.

Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium

Call in your Spirit Guides

For your medical operation and many other applications. You have a strong committed team of Angels, Guides and Past Over Loved Ones that are there to assist you. Ask and it is always given. Support for you and your medical team.

THIS POST IS AN EXTENSION FROM MY FACEBOOK LIVE ON THIS TOPIC. You can find this Live @ Terrye Mj- Intuitive Medium for the full conversation. Also meditations on my YouTube Channel @ Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium

Cheat Sheet – 4 step process

Meditation is your first step as discussed to bring your awareness into your heart Chakra. It’s important not to miss this step as it is the direct access to your soul and the realms beyond of your Angels, Guides and Passed Over Loved Ones.

The Heart Chakra is important because it is the frequency of language in the energetic realms. The clearer you are resonating within this frequency, there are multiple layers of clarity, the stronger and clearer the connection is for both sides. You can find a Grounding and Shielding meditation on my YouTube Channel- Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium which will assist you in building up this expanded connection through your heart center with regular practice.

The second step is to become clear on your Intention. Becoming clear on what your intention is allows your energetic team to know what it is you desire to experience so they can assist you. You can make this a statement or an affirmation.

A couple of examples; Statement: “It is my hearts intention to be centered, relaxed, happy and healthy knowing I am well taken care of.” Affirmation: “I am in the best of hands with my medical team and my energetic team that see’s all. I am well taken care of, happy, calm and centered.”

Third step is to Call in your Guides, Angels, Past Over Loved Ones, you can also refer to them as your energy team.

With your hand on your heart chakra feel into gratitude and appreciation, this will be easier to do now because you meditated in the first step above.

“In the highest frequency of Love, Joy and Compassion it is my hearts desire and intention to call in my guides, angels and love ones, in this frequency and beyond in Divine Light and Awareness. I ask you all to work with my medical team prior, during and after my operation so they may be in their highest frequency of awareness and centered within their hearts. I ask that you work with their guides and Angels in this same frequency so this team may be cohesive for the highest and best outcomes for my health and well being.

Now because I am writing this for you during the time of the Covid 19 Corona Virus in 2020 I would advise to add the following to your call…

“During my whole stay at the medical facility from my arrival to departure I ask you my energy team to work with all staff and their energy team in all areas so that my environment, food, beverages, staff and equipment is of the cleanliest and most positive experience available. Thank you for being here for me and with me. I am so deeply grateful.”

Lastly, the fourth step is to Trust! My team is surrounding me as I write this for you with smiles and cheering. Trust is the biggest hurdle people have when it comes to working with their unseen energy team. Stay in your heart center breathe and know that what you have asked for will play out your play in this now is to simply be in gratitude and appreciation for all these lovely people and thier teams working together.

You will lower the vibration of this frequency if you start to obsess, worry or look for proof that it is not working as you asked for. If you find yourself doing this STOP BREATHE then READJUST your thoughts and your intentions and begin to look for everything that is playing out as designed.

Please Go back to the conversation for more information as much as you like.

Our intentions and emotions create our vibration which forms the frequency that we resonate at.

I wish you all great health, peace, joy, love and abundance.

-Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium

Happiness, is Connection to your inner being, your centre.

inner-being, happiness

Happiness is Connection to your inner-being, your centre within.

Disconnection from your inner-being is how happiness and joy are lost. Giving life to a sense of ‘I don’t belong’.  Feel your way back to you and increase your intuition.

When thinking about happiness and connection it can bring up many images that are unique and special for each of us.  Images of family, friends, sports groups, social groups or self-help social groups that we may belong to face to face or online.  Though the connection that I would like to delve into with you is the connection to your inner-being your true centre.

There is increasing pressure on people, whether we believe it to be external or internal, to be achieving in all areas of your life and to maintain a high level of happiness while you have your attention and energy focused in many directions.  When focus is fractured people become the juggler and most often your energy then rises and stays in your head.  Then it is challenging to feel your way forward that will offer the most ease for your desired outcomes.

Everything going on around you is a direct response to what is going on within you.  Your thoughts create the life that you experience.  These are our conscious thoughts and our subconscious beliefs.

So what is your inner-being you may be wondering.  Other names you may have read or heard can be

  • soul,
  • spirit,
  • your light,
  • spiritual self. 

inner-being, golden light, happiness

Your inner-being is your light being as light is your vibration when you are not in this physical body.  It is that part of you that lives on when your body dies. If you have concerns regarding the afterlife please read my blog “Soul Groups – Before and Afterlife” as it may offer you comfort.  Your light being is pure energy and everything in our world is communicating via this energy.  If you take the time to practice re-connecting and fine tune this knowing you will be able to feel energy.  In the beginning it may work for you like this:

  • A) You ask your self which direction you should take to avoid the morning traffic?  Or
  • Which company you should choose to work with?  OR
  • Should you participate in this discussion right now?

Then you are answered in the following way:

  • A feeling will rise up in you and when your attention goes to one of the above for example you will sense a block like an energy wall in front of you or in your thoughts.  So you try another option and you sense free flowing energy there is no energy wall blocking the flow.  This is your inner-being guiding you towards the outcome that you desire with the least resistance.

Your intention when you incarnated here on Earth was to live in harmony with your knowing – so maintaining your happiness is connection to your inner-being.

Through your busy-ness and the fact that society has taught, for too long, that your mind is your only power and source of truth, a lack of happiness and joy is on the increase globally, you’re not alone in this many people feel disconnected because they are.

Finding your way back to happiness..

The way back to – Happiness is connection to your inner-being is to begin with small changes.  For it is in these small changes that you begin to lift your vibration.  If you have not read nor heard this term before ‘vibration’ think back to science class where you learn of molecules vibrating.

Well everything vibrates our thoughts, our emotions, our intentions, everything in our world does and it all communicates through vibration.  Intuitive people, empaths, psychics etc. are aware of this vibration and when you begin to live with this knowing as part of you, as it is our true nature to be this way this is why there is an increase in people becoming aware that they are empaths, you will find an increase in harmony to your life.

To lift your vibration so that you may connect back to happiness begin with a small change in your morning routine;

  • Gratitude, say 5 to 10 things that you are grateful for before you even get out of bed.

I like to begin by taking a big breath to wake my body up a little.  Bring my attention to my heart centre in the middle of my chest (heart chakra) and feel this area expand. THEN say what you are grateful for… it could be your pillow, bed, clean air, that you have a reason to wake in the morning, a warm shower that you’re about to enjoy.

  • When you see your reflection in the morning SAY WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR SELF 🙂
  • In those moments that your day is not going well or you being to feel frustration, do the above.  Take a deep breath and centre yourself at your heart centre and allow thoughts of happiness to flow in and follow those good feelings that match it.

These 3 small changes create an avalanche of clearer and higher vibrations within you allowing a pathway of happiness to become larger and larger.  It all begins within you,  Happiness begins and ends with you.  Happiness and your connection to your self is not dependant on what is our there rather what is happening within you and your vibration.

Happiness can be the foundation for your life.

inner-being, joy, happiness

No matter what your experience your intention was to find joy.

I would like to share with you something that was shared with me a couple of years ago by spirit.  To understand this I must first mention that time is not linear outside of this existence as we understand it.  I had the profound pleasure of meeting, though fleetingly, my own spirit between lives and she had the following to share with me…

This meeting started with me sitting in meditation in a lovely spot amongst nature.  Though on this day as soon as I sat down I heard a guide (one of my spirit guides) say “look beyond”  again and again it said the same thing.  I did start to laugh as I said to the guide “beyond what?”  As I heard the words again though a little less I focused on relaxing my senses both physical and etherical with the intention to look beyond and remain open to receiving.

I then was standing in front of myself in spirit form where I was reviewing my life (the one I am living now) by reading my Akashic Record.  With my spirit was a guide that walked behind her a couple of metres.  That guide was there to assist my spirit if she had questions about her review.  Though her guide would only assist in open ended discussions to allow her to come to her own awareness.

Once my spirit noticed me there she stopped mid stride looked at me and said “what are you doing here?”   She then put our Akashic Record down and waited for me to speak.  I said “I was informed to – look beyond.  So I did and I ended up here.”  She walked to me, saying a knowing “Oh,” turned me around and said “Now look back.  Look back on all of life including your own.  What is THE most important thing in life?”  As I looked back onto and into the world I could feel the truth of everything and the knowing that what was most important was JOY.

I was surprised at first that joy would be the answer and not world peace through loving each other no matter what or something similar.  My spirit said yes that’s right.  For when you have joy you have love.  Love for yourself in that moment, others, your action in that moment, your thoughts and all of this vibrates within you and vibrates out.  Every vibration affects its environment and can either raise or lower the earths energy and experience for all that live there.

Earlier that same year I set an intention that I wanted to bring more joy into my work and into the lives of my children.  Instead of our usual rushing to and from events.  So this change to bring in more happiness has been successful in many areas for me and for my family.  I feel that this connection I had with my spirit was a big catalyst for me to be even more aware of when I am with joy and when it is missing.

Remember happiness is in the small things that we acknowledge and from there it grows.

I hope this offered you something positive and thought provoking to feel your way with and into.  If you feel this may be of help to someone else please share or forward on.

I love to have a chat with you about this post, you can drop a message below or top right of this post.


Conversing with a Brain Tumour, our bodies talk.

brain hemispheres

If everything is energy (which it is 🙂 ) then the way in which we can listen to our bodies only continues to deepen and expand if we can relax our conditioning that only a certain way is possible.

So I want to share with you an experience that happened around 2015.  I had a request to assist in the healing of someone that had gone through a brain tumour operation.  Now please understand this post is not to diminish anyone’s views nor experiences with such a traumatic experience only to offer another view / possibility, for those open and looking for one, of our healing potential from my experience as the practitioner.

When we change the way we think, for example from negative to positive or to be more accurate from low vibration to higher clearer vibration, our brain begins to create new neural pathways to support our clearer vibration of thinking.  Repetition of clearer thoughts creates strong neural pathways in the brain. While at the same time this means that the old way of thinking is not given so much attention so those neural pathways begin to weaken and eventually don’t fire anymore.  The old adage ‘Neurons that fire together wire together’  and ‘If you don’t use it, you loose it.’ are both very accurate.

This also creates healthier cells in our bodies due to the hormones and chemicals that our brain sends out into the blood stream to enhance the environment that our cells reside in.  The health of our body is reliant on our thoughts, emotions, conscious and subconscious beliefs also our ancestral subconscious beliefs.

With this in mind “Thoughts create our health, thoughts create our world.”   Allow me to share a deeper knowing with you, that our bodies store our experiences, our memories.  If we think of our body as a community made up of trillions of members and each member is actively listening to what the brain and heart is sharing, our thoughts, visions and emotions.  Then those members of the community go about to deliver the experiences that is being asked of it.  

 new brain pathways

Conversing with a Brain Tumour

During the healing session spirit said to me “Look to the end of the legs look, look, look to the very ends.” At this stage I was seeing the remnants of a tumour still in the brain and the thin legs that ran from the tiny mass.  So the ‘look beyond’ was guidance to see what was at the end of these thin legs (spirit and my vocabulary for  these thin lines of tumour). 

I relaxed my energy in my mind and body to allow myself to see beyond, following spirits guidance.  What I saw was miniscule fingers (best way for me to describe what I saw) attached to the end of these legs.  These were so small. These tiny hook fingers reminded me of little insect legs, though much much smaller,  that have spurs or hooks on them though at the very ends to enable them to hold onto surfaces.

purple eye

In this instance there were 4 tiny fingers that were holding onto the brain due to beliefs and resulting emotions that the body was tightly holding onto.  Spirit said to me that “if these beliefs, I was told the clients beliefs that were holding the remnants of this tumour in place, were acknowledged and let go then the fingers/hooks at the end of the legs of the tumour would lift and the whole thing would begin to dissolve as the belief disappeared more and more from the clients vibration.” Then I was shown what this would look like. The fingers slowly lifting one by one off the brain.


 See the tiny runs from the flat main area of the tumours the very fine legs running from the mass.  It was at the end of these that the very fine almost invisible finger/hooks were residing holding onto the brain due to certain beliefs.

I have not included what the belief for this client was because we all have our own experiences and beliefs so each would be different.

male body energy

By being aware of our thoughts, beliefs, subconscious and even deeper, our ancestral beliefs, passed on down the DNA line with conscious proactive thought awareness we humans can begin to change the way in which we heal.

In harmony with our selves and our immense ability to co-create illness and good health.

How did this post resonate with you, please share your experiences and feelings, with love.


Please feel free to share, spread the love and vibrant health possibilities.



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4 Quick Tips to: Meditating Successfully, without the pressure of expectations.


Meditation can seem overwhelming even at the first thought of; I wonder if I could?”        “Is it really for me?”         “What do I do?”         “Can I even meditate and how will I find the time?”    “I can’t sit still, I’m always on the go.”

FEAR,    WORRY  &  SELF JUDGEMENT    stills peoples actions before even beginning because something they may know little about overwhelms the senses causing inaction.

So here are 4 very quick tips to get you started.

1. Find a space anywhere that someone, the phone or pet will not disturb you.  You could be on the train but as long as the ambient noise is not directed at you then you can begin.  Simples right?  You’ll eventually find the right space that offers you peace and upliftment when you go there, right now though just start.

2. Place no expectations on yourself or the outcome of your meditation.

3.Breath focus.  Close your eyes, sit comfortably.  *Breathe in through the nose slowly filling up your abdomen.  As you breathe in SAY to yourself “I am love, I am enough.”  Breathe out slowly through your nose SAY to yourself  “Peace.”  Always breathe into the abdomen not the chest.  Chest breathing keeps the energy of anxiousness in our cells.

4. Mind wandering, the craziness of the monkeys within,  when this happens bring your thoughts back to your statements in #3. When you are finished breathe out, wriggle your fingers, open your eyes, Give thanks to yourself for the gift of inner peace.

subsconscious mind iceberg

As you progress with your meditation you may like to start taking notice of how your body is reacting with this process.  Feeling stiff or achy when starting out is normal as you become comfortable with sitting still and training your mind to let go of its attention to these minor disturbances.

Though how are you reacting to the mantra of “I am love, I am enough.”? When the time feels right for you, start to notice if your mind hesitates, or counteracts this statement with a very subtle; really?, I don’t think so., No I’m not. or No you’re not. You may also feel tension in your body as a result of these words.

This noticing is mindfulness and your opportunity to re-train your brain to think differently about you and for you cells to lighten the load on you physically.

hovering brain in meditation

Five minutes of meditation has scientifically proven to be enough time for cells to begin healing and the mind to become calmer. A great deal of research has gone into meditation and its benefits from reducing stress and high blood pressure to healing at the cellular level.

So begin with your five minutes and see where that takes you.  Before you know it you’ll be meditating for twenty minutes because of the joy you feel within, and the overall benefits meditation can offer each one of us.

“Meditation Nurtures the Divine Within.”     Terrye Mj

sphere of water hovering over still waters

Through meditation we become, as well as healthier in mind and body, awareAware of our place in the world in our small portion of the world. Aware of ownership of our actions, reactions and interactions with others and with ourselves.

Mindfulness can take you on a  journey of deep self discovery where you may start to notice the subtleties of your thoughts, between your thoughts.  Even the thoughts between your breaths.

This new awareness can also reunite the spirit with your consciousness.  To live consciously is to be in harmony with all parts of who and what you are.

“As we meditate we become peacefully aware.”     Terrye Mj

Please Share,  with my gratitude and love.



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Mindfulness – self awareness, self love

Mindfulness of Self    

where you are                      head birds

Mindfulness, is a phrase we see, read and hear more and more in recent years.  One that I get excited about because to me it signifies the growth of awareness in our global population.  While the human race is fast feeling separated and lonely there are people engaging in Mindfulness that are growing in self awareness, realising that separation is a mindset and it is our mindset that sets our emotional responses causing our feelings of loneliness, stress, not good enough and depression…

Mindfulness then isn’t just held in the realms of the Buddhists, Buddhist monks and yoga studios anymore.  Rather it has traction in general conversation and health awareness.  Mindfulness is trending fast because it works in relieving;


*feelings of loneliness,

*sense of loss,

*feeling lost,

*separation from self,

*sadness / depression,

*high blood pressure  and the list can go on


Your Mindset is your Power! 

Guard it well.  Hold it gently with love.

Why is your mindfulness mindset power?

Simply – you think, your emotions respond to your thoughts, your physical body responds to both, your co-creation powers (your ability to manifest) goes into action responding to your vibrational thoughts and emotions.  You then begin to experience physical health in response to your thoughts also your outer world begins to give you what you believe.  You ask so you shall receive.

L.L Hay and also what is given out in the form or thoughts.

Your mindfulness about yourself then is your power over your world.  I am making this general as there are way too many scenarios of individual experiences in which other obstacles would need to be viewed a certain way as well, though this is your #1 step.  Be mindful of your mind.

How to gauge if a thought is beneficial to you.

1. Is this thought 100% TRUE?

2. How does this thought make me feel?

3. If I let this thought go how will this benefit me?  What deliciousness can I replace this limiting belief with? (if you need to).

If you are beginning on this journey of self I would like to offer a couple of starting off points for you.

#1 Gratitude each morning before jumping out of bed say 10 things you are grateful for, e.g. your soft pillow, waking up for another day, your health, your safe space…  (I do this every morning and at sleep).

Done?  🙂    Now place your hand on your heart chakra (middle of your chest)  Breathe in and state “I am love, I am enough.”   Breathe out and state “Peace.”

Then – Spend 1 minute simply focused on your breath, no thoughts.  As this practice becomes natural to your daily life expand on your focused breath attention.  Aim then for 2 minutes, then 3 …

Why do this last one?  Because we are vibrational beings our thoughts, feelings and words are living energy that we use in this dimension to Create our world of experiences.   Author Bruce H Lipton, Ph.D.  states in his book “The Biology of Belief”  “The science revealed in this book defines how beliefs control behaviour and gene activity and, consequently, the unfolding of our lives.”  So what I see in the work I do (Intuitive Healing) is being proven in the laboratories of such scientists as the renown Bruce H Lipton Ph.D. the leader in cellular biology and epigenetics.

There is another level to Mindfulness.

subsconscious mind iceberg Our Subconscious.  Is all our deep beliefs about ourselves, our world, money, work, intelligence and learnt skills.  On your journey of being mindful of your thoughts pay close attention to limiting beliefs that pop up out of seemingly no-where.  We picked up these limiting beliefs when we were just babes growing into children.  Carefully watching and listening to our community or family, extended family and friends while closely observing how they reacted to their environment and interacted.

While some of these learnt beliefs are beneficial some are not.  Becoming aware of these and putting new mindfulness skills into practice is how you can begin to change your inner world dialogue to one that supports your growth in self acceptance and love bringing you ever closer to your spirit and owning your self worth regardless of others.

Your spirit comes from love,  you are love, you go back to love.  Your journey here is to remember (not to learn, you already know!) your immenseness and in your remembering you are expanding your vibration strengthening your connection to the highest vibration in the Verse, Joyful Love.

If you are guided to Please Share with my heartfelt gratitude xoxo

Terrye Mj

in the moment

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Intuitive Reiki Level 1 Course – 2 Days – March

 Intuitive Reiki , Level 1,

2 Day Course

March  Sundays  13th and 20th


chakra colours lots of arms

Reiki is now part of our society as more and more people are receiving Reiki healing sessions in salons, hospitals, hospice, in private studios, retreats and homes.  Though not only for people but for those beloved pets as well.

The most accessed complimentary therapy at the Solaris Care Cancer Support Centre at Sir Charles Gaidner hospital in Perth is Reiki.

What is Reiki?  “Universal Life force energy”

A word you will often see and hear associated with Reiki is gentle.   Reiki is a powerful yet gentle energy which promotes balance in mind, body, spirit, emotions and energy centers enhancing your quality of life as you become more centred and at peace. 

As life force energy flows through all living beings so do we create blockages in our physical and energetic centres.   Reiki lovingly flows through these areas releasing these blockages.  An aware practitioner may tune into these blockages to see why it was created in the first instance.

Intuitive Reiki Level 1 –  2 Days    $380

I offer Level 1 in a 2 day workshop instead of the standard 1 day so that I may share with you techniques in developing your intuitive abilities along side your Reiki path.

We begin with an intuitive development day,  MARCH 13th Sunday. Day 1

*  it is here that we begin your Reiki journey with learning about your energy layers and Chakra centres and how to protect, clear and heal them to their optimum levels so that you as a whole spiritual being may work synergistically with your physical and spiritual self.

*  We’ll also discover and practice a selection of meditation techniques so that you can begin to discover your sensitivity to energy starting with yourself.

*  We’ll cover what part do thoughts and intentions play in your intuitive development.

*  Practice sense energy around others and cut and clear energy connections.

*  Use crystal pendulums for healing.

*  1st Attunement to Reiki 1.  Awakening the Crown, Heart, throat and palm chakras.

*  Comprehensive manual

** You now have 1 week to practice what you have learnt before we begin with your 2nd attunement next week and the Reiki treatments.

Reiki Level 1,   MARCH 20th  Sunday – Day 2

*  2nd Attunement to Reiki

*  Theory and practice on full body Reiki treatment

*  Self treatment

*  Benefits of Reiki treatments

* Comprehensive Manual

* Intuitive Reiki Level 1 certification

Intuitive Reiki as mentioned is taught over two days 1 week apart to allow for your own practice and immersion.

2 day Fee: $380

Time: 9am – 4/5pm

Dates:  March 13th and 20th

Location: Tweed South, NSW

Student participants between 2 and 6 only.

**Please contact me by any of my contact details below I am more than happy to answer any queries you may have before starting on your Intuitive Reiki journey.

Reiki is a healing journey back to who and what you are and why you are here, if you want it to be.  Let’s rediscover what your life intention is or more simply what is your Reiki intention?  Not sure, then give me a call and lets chat.

Fbk: Terrye Mj – Professional Intuitive

Mb:  0411206973

usuibackgroundand title       branch flowers pink shape hearyts

Spirit Talk – Intuitive Development

Spirit Talk

Intuitive Development

Head space

Intuitive Development is becoming one with your spirit, your spirit has not forgotten who and what you are. An infinite being made of the cosmos fully aware of its limitless abilities and possibilities.

Why develop intuition?

Our spirit chooses whether to reincarnate after this life is over.  So if you choose to come back here or anywhere else you are choosing to learn and develop more of your understanding of the possibilities for life that you do not get to experience as spirit.  What we do not learn or understand we can in the next life experience.  We also work through karma.  With this in mind you can begin to be aware of your own spirits immense wisdom which you can access through developing your intuition.

Karma what is it, (simply explained)?

Think of darkness – it is simply the absence of light so without darkness we cannot know or experience light, light in this case being awareness of self.  Karma is the same thing for example if you are quick to temper, short on tolerance, aggressive to others and you do not learn to overcome these traits then in your next life you may find yourself at the receiving end of this behaviour in your next existence where it may manifest in either relationships, friends, co-workers, employees or bosses.

Karma has the ability to assist families in working through past karma as well.  If you as a parent holding the belief “that you are not good enough” one way this may manifest in your life is for you to develop asthma (there are many other ways – though for this blog purpose we’ll go with asthma).  If you don’t work through this belief and the vibration that asthma sits on then this may be passed on down the family tree, it may also develop in future grandchildren as something more life debilitating.  What you do for yourself you do for generations who come after you.  This all relates back to “Soul Groups” helping each other (I’ll write a about Soul Groups in another blog).  By working through character traits that do not support your highest good you raise your vibration which is how you develop your intuition, the lighter your vibration the easier to hear spirit.  Working through life’s ups and downs coming out the other end healthier and more aware of what is for your highest good is what you incarnated to do.

How to begin your journey of Intuitive Development.

  1. Find a teacher you feel comfortable with and whom you trust. They may offer meditation classes, healings or short courses where you could get a feel for them as your guide. Pay close attention to their choice of words.
  2. Practice what you learn, Intuitive Development rarely happens on its own.
  3. Meditate.  There really is no need to put pressure on yourself about meditation it causes undo stress that becomes stored in your energetic cells then your physical cells if it is not released.  As a beginner aim for 5 -10 minutes a couple of times a week and grow from there when you’re ready.  I have spoken with too many clients that hold stress and guilt over not meditating for 40 minutes.  5 – 10 minutes has  benefits for Mind, Body, Emotional health, Spiritual health.
  4. Spend time in and with nature.  I write “with” because to be mindful when in nature brings you close to spirit and the energy of the universe and the earth you live on.  Everything is living and talking we just need to bring our vibrations into harmony to hear.
  5. Be very mindful of your intention. (look out for my blog “Thoughtful Intention”)
  6. Keep an Intuitive Development diary, you may feel amazed at your discoveries and feel that you will never forget them. Though with your progress you will forget over time. A diary reminds us of how far we have developed our awareness and also helps us maintain our empathy for others beginning their Intuitive Development journey.  You never know who you may be guided to assist in the future.
  7. Be aware of your thoughts and emotions as you progress with your Intuitive Development. They are the sign posts for how you are working through your life’s path.
  8. By doing the above you will begin to notice a change in your reactions and non-reactions to people and situations. All this you can keep note of in your diary.

Some benefits of developing your intuition.

  1. A Calmer less reactive you.
  2. Direct access to your own spirit and your life purpose.
  3. Being lovingly unapologetically calm about who you are and your life choices, coming from your heart centre of non-judgment.
  4. Personal interactions with your guides, spirit, angels, Archangels, Creator so many more. Your life purpose and your intention will assist in how and what direction your Intuitive Development evolves.
  5. Being of service, when your life path is known by you – you become aware that to fully live your life path is to be of service to your life force thereby being of service to all of life. It is in this vibration that you are living in harmony with your own spirit self and your manifested body With ease, grace, love and abundance.
  6. You naturally move away (if you haven’t already) from the belief that we are here to purchase goods, to be a good consumer. The natural world begins to hold more of your attention and desire to become part of it once again.
  7. For parents – A) you now have another skill to call on to assist you and your child through their own ups and downs and the learning and growing process that is parenting.  B) You’re now able to teach and support your child into developing their own intuition.  I suggest begin by keeping a child’s natural connection with nature.
  8. Whether you are a entrepreneur, student, employee, parent, grandparent, retiree or traveller being in tune with your inner knowing shows you the clearest path forward and the people who have the right vibration for you to travel that path with.


My intention with this blog is to offer support, guidance and a few possibilities to anyone beginning or even thinking of their own Intuitive Development.  Being in conversation with your spirit creates a smoother yellow brick road ahead on your life journey.  As you become sensitive to the feel of different vibrations you begin to feel the gentle push and pull of your decisions and can easily check which way forward has less tension.  For every thought is vibrating into reality.   Living a conscious life you begin to feel balanced and in harmony.



Terrye Mj – Intuitive Healer & Facilitator

Facebook:  Terrye Mj – Professional Intuitive

Hawaiian Goddess #2 Part 2 – Oahu Island

Hawaiian Goddess #2 Part 2                  

Hawaii ladies green skirt dance

Well here we are at the Healing Stones on Oahu where the royal women of Hawaii once travelled – too birth their babies.


As I walked down the rich red earth path I felt already at home as it reminded me of the red earth of Northern Western Australia back home.  The red earth of the pilbra seems to have woven its way into my very cells and it’s really just now that I realise how much it became a part of my distant identity and how it takes over any white clothing you may have had (lots of laughing) because now your clothes are all dusty earth pink – forever!


 As we entered the makeshift entry to the birthing stones  I saw the Kahuna Goddess (K. Goddess) standing there waiting for me with all the priestess ladies that were with the K. Goddess when she first came to me during my massage ( read about this meeting in my blog- Hawaiian Goddess #1) I found a comfortable rock to sit on close to the entry so I could connect with them.  The K. Goddess came straight over to me she said “We will birth you into your new vibration, onto the pathway for your next journey in this life’s purpose.” 

As the K. Goddess stood up I saw red lines of energy travelling through the earth into all of them and into me. As the red energy lines came to our feet it would split into two and flow up both feet through the feet chakra’s.   It is earth energy that connects all living things.  I saw this back home once in Australia.                                                                                         While I was waiting for an appointment I stood upon the earth amongst some trees breathing deeply, after a few minutes I was being urged to look into the earth below the tree closest to me.  I started to see thin red energy lines travelling up from the earth into this tree.  Flowing into this tree and becoming part of it yet not over taking it nor controlling it.  They were both connected with mutual giving and receiving of LOVE energy.                                                                                                                                                       I was urged then to follow the red lines of energy.  As my third eye gaze travelled with it I saw that this spiritual red energy line was part of everything every particle of soil, blade of grass, tree roots, me, you, air particles and the bugs within the soil.  Now here it is again showing me that connection once again in Hawaii.

I was enjoying this connection so much, I had waited so long to feel and see them again that I didn’t want to get up incase the connection didn’t come through again.  The K. Goddess said “It is time to go now, you are well prepared.”  I still didn’t want this connection to end though.  As I stood my eyes still closed taking in that lovely connection the K.Goddess said to me “You are part of this land now – you are home.”  I felt this with every fiber of my being and deep within my soul.  Hawaii a place I never planned to visit feels as natural to me as breathing and being in the arms of my mum or nana, so natural and a deep feeling of peace.


At this point I took a moment to give my heart felt thanks and gratitude to the K. Goddess, priestesses, mother Hawaii “I feel like I am home, thank you for your wisdom and assistance in helping me to arrive here, for this moment and for the future.”  

My gratitude lives in the openness of LOVE  where our spirits live, our true vibration.  As I offered my thanks I could feel this same energy return to me from them.

As a side note here if you are interested in the sequence of seeing numbers I recorded this day at the end of my meditation with the K. Goddess here at the birthing stones at 11:11am.  Seeing 11:11 is the start of your connection to awakening to your spirit.


Walking around these birthing stones my husband and I were intent on finding stones that looked comfortable enough to give birth upon.  Amongst all of these I found one that maybe just maybe would do the trick.  Though the energy here in this sacred place fills it completely I feel thee women would not have to actually lie on one of these stones for the benefits permeating here.  Bless these women of the past.  Though it has been said that the further we move away from our natural connection with our spirit the more painful child birth has become.


I found a rock to meditate on further away from the entry and close to the tree’s.  While my ever supportive husband spent time taking photo’s of this beautiful area that someone spends time keeping the grass mowed while farmers tend to their sugar cane crops that completely surround this space from the entry to the bulbous area that is the belly of the birthing stones.


As the sounds around me drifted further from my awareness  my mind became active and I found it difficult to be present wtih the K, Goddess.  She then instructed one of the priestesses to sit in front of me.  The lovely priestess sat upon the earth singing a song I could not understand in the language of the island, it sounded divine.  I listened and an watched as she made a lei with purple and white orchids.  This settled my mind and aided my being present with the process.  Also I adore orchids.

The K. Goddess knelt behind me placing her hands into my body all the way to my spine. With my spine between the palms of her hands she rubbed them together, just like you would if making a camp fire with sticks.  As she did this an energy within the bones began to strengthen and rise to the surface as it did the bones began to glow a golden light and ancient symbols – not symbols I have ever seen before – started showing up on my bones in a deeper shade of gold light. These symbols held information for my soul.  The golden light traveled up my spine into my skull, jaw line, down my arms, ribs it also travelled down into my leg bones. She also cleared and raised the energy in my aura.

While the K. Goddess was doing this the energy in my stomach was being cleared out by another lady, I had eaten a light lunch before we arrived here at the birthing stones so that was a nice touch.  I felt physically lighter straight away.  It makes me laugh sometimes – with gratitude of course – how spirit attends to our needs even when we are unaware something like this needs attention.

I could sense the other priestesses around me though I didn’t tune into what they were doing if anything at all at this time, maybe they were assisting with holding the space for this healing.

When the K.Goddess was done she said to me “You are the beacon of light for souls lost in the dark trying to find their way back to their path.”  The dark she refers to is the disconnection of peoples awareness to their spirit, the immense love and eternal life of that spirit.  The path is to remember this truth and in remembering this truth reconnect with your heart center – where your spiritual mind/heart thrives.

I was then shown two ropes about an inch wide.

The first one had a large knot at the end and a large knot a the top, these ropes were hanging in the space in front of me.  The K. Goddess said this one is the smooth life the soul does not grow too much in this life.

The second rope had a large knot about every three centimetres from the bottom all the way to the top.  This is the life of challenges with many ups and downs for this is the soul that grows.

I was shown these two examples to share in writing and conversation with people of why there are many different life experiences for us all.  Remember we chose our lives whether we chose rope 1 or rope 2 each will give us the experience that we designed and desired for this existence.

I had been sitting here crossed legged with my palms facing up resting on my legs.  As this connection was coming to an end the priestess in front of me that had been singing and making a lei placed the lei around my neck and said aloha.  I was close to tears at this stage because the spirit to spirit awareness went very deep.  Our spirits are complete love, there is no heavy emotion blocking a spirit connection like this for fear and judgement are not natural to who and what we truly are.


Every priestess then walked towards me from my right when they were in front of me they placed a flower into each of my up turned palms said “aloha” smiled, I said “Mahalo (thank you)” they then walked off to the left and disappeared.  During this process I felt a deep grounding while at the same time an upliftment in my energy vibration.

When all this was done the Kahuna Goddess stood in front of me displaying a beautiful smile she said “Aloha hello not aloha goodbye.  You are renewed now you are rebirthed.  So Aloha.  You are the beacon of light to souls lost in the dark trying to find their way back to their path.”  We smiled and said our goodbyes and then she was gone.

This connection left me feeling very centered within myself with deeper clarity of who I was also very emotional.  While I was voice recording this experience, as soon as it ended, my tears flowed like a river and my spirit guide said ” I was letting go of energies within me that would no longer serve my future purpose.”

It would be a year before my mind and soul fully integrated this new vibrational awareness the K. Goddess had given me.  With heart felt gratitude I am deeply honoured for everything my guides and the Goddess energy has assisted me with.  Now that I have raised my vibration I am fully connected with the energy of the Goddesses of this dimension I have increased peace with me, my life purpose as it flows from my spiritual heart with ease and grace.

With gentleness I continue my rope 2 life though with awareness and gentleness for myself I find that the knots are no longer so challenging to work through and understand.  Remember when our intentions and actions come first from our heart we raise our vibrations bringing us closer to our true selves.  When your approaching those knots on your rope do your best to remember this and be gentle with you.


I’d love to hear what you felt from my blog so please leave your comments and if you like subscribe to my monthly blogs below.


Terrye Mj










Heart Awareness Meditation

Heart Awareness

In my previous blog “Breathing Through your Chakras” for many would have been your beginning journey into the world of energy.  It is our world, everything without exception in this world is vibrating a frequency.

Our heart also has it’s own vibration that is forever expansive and is sensed by others around us and vice versa.  When a parent is stressed a baby will be unsettled especially if it is the mother who is feeding the baby.  It is the heart rhythm that the baby resonates with.

An easy way to know if you are interacting from your heart centre is to simply ask these questions;

Am I feeling joy in these thoughts, actions or words of mine?

Is there tension anywhere in my body during these thoughts, actions or words of mine?

So if you are not feeling love, calm, joyful in the moment ask yourself what you do want? Focusing on the positive and what you do want changes the your vibration your sending out to the world.  We are manifesting beings co-creating our lives with every thought, feeling and action though it is our feelings that stream line our manifestations.  So it would be to your advantage to become friendly with your heart intelligence.

Here is a video that will help explain heart intelligence, I hope you enjoy watching.

Below this video I have also included a heart meditation that I teach in my courses to children and adults.

Consciously connecting to your heart centre.

Before you begin feel into your heart centre and with out editing what do you feel?  What words come up?  Is there tension?  You don’t need to do anything just gently and lovingly be aware.

6 Positions – Spend a total of one hour (10 mins on each hand position) or less if time will not allow for the full hour.  You may sit in a chair or lay down which ever is more comfortable for you, I find laying down for this one is best.

  1. Right hand over top of head
  2. Left hand over heart chakra
  3. Left hand moves from heart to 3rd eye
  4. Right hand moves from crown to heart
  5. Right hand from heart to throat
  6. Left hand from 3rd eye to heart
  7. Left hand from heart to solar plexus
  8. Right from throat to heart
  9. Right hand from heart to Sacral
  10. Left hand from solar plexus to heart
  11. Left hand from heart to Root Chakra (perineum)
  12. Right hand from Sacral to heart

Breathe in deeply through your nose filling up your abdomen with energy relaxing your hands down beside your body palms facing up.  Again feel into your heart centre and notice any change in your words, feelings, tension or lack of tension, any feeling of release.

Gently wriggle your toes and fingers give thanks to yourself for giving you this gift of relaxation and meditation.

With Blessings

Terrye Mj – Professional Intuitive