Hello, I’d love to connect with you.  Sometimes finding our community on line can be daunting so if you are interested in what I do and what I am about please join me on what ever platform is best for you.

You will find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube  all these details are below on this page.

Lets get involved online where we can grow our connection.  As each person around the world begins to resonate with their heart frequency at deeper levels it becomes easier for everyone to awaken and reconnect with their soul, with their purpose, with the Divinity that is within all of us.                                                       

Terrye resides on the Gold Coast between rainforest and ocean is available for  Zoom or in person sessions.  Energy is a vibration which creates a frequency that ripples out across our world and beyond.  It is this frequency that I can connect with and work with.  Anywhere in the world. 

It is also through frequency that I am able to communicate with Angels, Ascended Guides, Thoughts, Intentions, Bodies, Organs, Past Over Loved ones, Emotions, Memories and beings form many different dimensions.

We are created from thought and sent out on a frequency of light. 

You Tube: Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium

Facebook: Terrye Mj – Intuitive Medium

Instagram: Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium


M: 0411 206 973

Please leave a comment or testimonial on a workshop / course you have attended or energy medicine session you have received. Then please use the contact form available here.

 floaty curtain and stream of light

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