Sessions & Course Fee’s

Sessions and Courses with Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium


Intuitive Healing – Consultations                                                                               Fee’s         * Full Intuitive Healing Session 90 min, includes Remote Viewing.           $140

Space Cleansing

* Energy Cleanse and Balance of your home  60 minutes.                            $200

* Pre-paid 1month Follow-up home cleansing 60minutes.                            $170

* Energy Cleanse and Balance for small business space. 60 minutes.    $300


Courses                                                                                                                                   Fee’s

Intuitive Development OR Quantum Field Energy Advancement 

In person or Via Skype –  1 hour  Including remote view,                                $250.00

Reiki Degree Levels

Reiki Level 1_ One Day                                                                                                   $300.00

Reiki Level 2_ Two Days                                                                                                $600.00

Teacher / Master Level                                                                                                   $900.00

REFESH REIKI LEVELS – must provide *certificate, *Contact information for previous teacher.

Refresh Reiki Level 1                                                                                                $190.00

Refresh Reiki Level 2                                                                                               $500.00


Terrye has developed her abilities through conscious awareness of her own mental dialogue, emotions and spiritual centeredness.  This is the very first step to healing on many levels including intuitive development.

Your personal consultations and courses with Terrye are from her heart frequency which is where your closest connection with your soul is also in the highest frequency, of Love, Joy and Compassion.  When we are resonating at this frequency the body opens up to communication and healing and Guides and Loved ones that match that frequency come through for conversations and assistance.

This is why Terrye is able to converse with your soul, your physical body and organs, spirit guides, ascended masters and loved ones that have passed if they choose to come through, some do during sessions sometimes to say a simple yet heart sent thank you, to show deeper understanding of an issue and even to give advise about preparing for what is after this life.

All consultations are done fully clothed relaxing on a portable massage table.  For distant healings clients have the option of fully relaxing anywhere in their home.

Higher Heart Healing Terrye Mj

To book your consultation or course fill out the booking form on the top right of this page or call Terrye Mj – 0411 206 973

healing frequency with Terrye Mj