Conversing with a Brain Tumour, our bodies talk.

brain hemispheres

If everything is energy (which it is ūüôā )¬†then the way in which we can listen to our bodies only continues to deepen and expand if we can relax our conditioning that only a certain way is possible.

So I want to share with you an experience that happened¬†around 2015.¬† I had a request to assist in the healing of¬†someone that had gone through a brain tumour operation.¬† Now please understand this post is not to diminish anyone’s views nor¬†experiences with such a traumatic experience only to offer another view / possibility, for those open and looking for one,¬†of our healing potential from my experience as the practitioner.

When we change the way we think, for example from negative to positive, our brain begins to create new neural pathways to support our lighter vibration of thinking. This also creates healthier cells in our bodies due to the chemicals that our bodies system sends out to enhance the environment that our cells reside in.  For the health of our body is reliant on our thoughts and our ancestral subconscious beliefs.

With this in mind “Thoughts create our health, thoughts create our world.”¬†¬† Allow me to share a deeper knowing with you,¬†that all our organs, systems, blood and bones… store our experiences.¬† It is our thoughts our subconscious thoughts also our ancestral DNA¬†beliefs that react to these experiences resulting in the state of our minds and bodies.

 new brain pathways

Conversing with a Brain Tumour

During the healing session spirit said to me “Look¬†to the end of the¬†legs look, look, look to the very ends.” At this stage I was seeing the remnants of a tumour still in the brain and the thin legs that ran from the tiny mass.¬† So the look beyond was guidance to see what was at the end of these thin legs (spirit and my vocabulary for¬† these thin lines of tumour).¬†

I relaxed my energy in my mind and body to allow myself to see beyond, following spirits guidance.  What I saw was miniscule fingers (best way for me to describe what I saw) attached to the end of these legs.  These were so small. These tiny hook fingers reminded me of little insect legs that have spurs or hooks on them though at the very ends to enable them to hold onto surfaces.

purple eye

In this instance there were 4 tiny fingers that were holding onto the brain due to beliefs and resulting emotions that the body was tightly holding onto.¬† Spirit said to me that “if these beliefs, I was told the clients beliefs that were holding the remnants of this tumour in place, were acknowledged and let go then the fingers/hooks at the end of the legs of the tumour would lift and the whole thing would begin to dissolve as the belief disappeared more and more from the clients vibration.” Then I was shown what this would look like. The fingers slowly lifting one by one off the brain.


The picture of these tumours above is the closest I could find to show you what I saw, if only I could draw.  See the tiny runs from the flat main area of the tumours the very fine legs running from the mass.  It was at the end of these that the very fine almost invisible finger/hooks were residing holding onto the brain due to certain beliefs.

I have not included what the belief for this client was because we all have our own experiences and beliefs so each would be different.

male body energy

By being aware of our thoughts, beliefs, subconscious and even deeper, our ancestral beliefs, passed on down the DNA line with conscious proactive thought awareness we humans can begin to change the way in which we heal.

In harmony with our selves and our immense ability to co-create illness and good health.

How did this post resonate with you, please share your experiences and feelings, with love.


Please feel free to share, spread the love and vibrant health possibilities.



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