Introducing Terrye Mj

Terrye Mj, see’s and works in a 5D reality. What makes up this reality is vibrational frequency, Light streams and holograms.

      Nikola Tesla “If you wish to understand the Universe,  think of Energy, Frequency                                           and Vibration.” 

Terrye works with ancient guides in collaboration with your guides along with your soul, connecting to higher frequency wisdom to integrate vibrational medicine into your now reality.

Before your consultations Terrye spends time communicating with these frequencies to know what is needed for you at the present time to bring you into harmony on your many levels of vibration.

By working with higher knowledge we are able to begin clearing energy blocks and know why those blockages are there, in most cases. Blocks in energy pathways may be the result of negative thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, experiences and emotions that don’t support your well being. 

An imbalance in energy flow may also be the result of genetic karma unknowingly passed on down the family line, through D.N.A. though firstly through vibration of beliefs.

Terrye is able to do the above sessions because of her dedication to self discovery and becoming aware of her own thoughts, feelings and habits. Then uncovering their vibrational pattern so that she could create permanent change in her life.

Terrye has always held a clear intention  for her work.                                                                   “To know the truth of everything, through her heart centre, for everyone’s highest good. For the purpose of supporting people with Vibrational Medicine onto their soul path.”                                                                                                                                                                            The reason we chose to reincarnate here on earth, to remember what we are passionate about and begin our journey back to our souls purpose.

Spirit Guides

Show Terrye how thoughts can become stuck in the aura and how this will begin to affect the physical body if it is not acknowledged and healed.

-Holes and leaks in the aura affect our energy and physical health.

-Thoughts have an energy power within them that affect your life on all levels and of those around you. The resounding energy vibration of your thoughts continue out into the world.  This science is now known as neuroplasticity. 

-Etheric cords draining your energy, causing physical pain also keeping your thoughts in the past where your unable to move forward.

There is so much Terrye’s guides have taught and shown to her and each time it is for the benefit and highest good of the client at that moment in time.


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