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Energy Consciousness The Building Block of All Life. Strong Foundations Start Here.Healing Sessions & Packages

What are you wanting to focus on? So that we can shift and rejuvenate this experience, creating strong foundations to move forward on.

-Self Nuture, Acceptance, Love, Value.

-Sense of feeling stuck, lost, unsure.

-Emotional pain, memories, experiences.

-Exam stress, skin rashes, overwhelm

-Loss, grief, sadness.-Maintenance.

-Depression, suicidal feelings Don’t Wait Please!

All of our experiences are held in our body and energy consciousness and I can help you lift this into peacefulness.

Package 1: $360 – save $600

Package 2: $575 – save $945

Package 3: $1,100 – save $1,950

Payment plan options for package 2 & 3

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What People are Saying!

Terrye has a warmth and profoundintuitive healing ability. Terrye helped me see what was affecting my health by my belief patterns, emotions and thoughts. During my intuitive healing session, Terrye was given the knowing about worthiness being held in a specific organ and I received that knowing at the same time! We discussed how to change this old belief. I left feeling lighter and free of pain, and wiht the tools to change thoughts that my body holds onto. Terrye shares such individual vitl knowledge to assist us in healing with her strong ability to connect. Seonaid Fletcher Brisbane

When I met Terrye she didn’t immediately offer wha she does professionally. Then wen we connected, I did some work with Terrye and she was able to help me resolve some inner conflict that I had had for some time that no one knew about but she intuitively picked up. It was not only a relief but quite powerful to be able to share tha twith someone like Terrye. Terrye is a beautiful soul and can happily recommend her work to you. Julie McDonald – OAM

I have started using Terrye’s Grounding and Shielding meditation after my friend had spoken to Terrye about my current situation. I have suffered from a condition called Depersonalisation Disorder for the past 4.5 years due to PTSD and am currently weaning off anti-depressant. My friend explained my situation to Terrye who suggested I try the meditation. I can honestly say I have not expereienced anything like this before. I am feeling calm, relaxed nad my anxiety seems to be easing up especially once I have done my daily meditation. My mind is feeling so much more clearer. Thank you Terrye for the suggestion and I will continue to keep up my daily time out. Samantha Decampi

I came to see Terrye about hormonal problems, adrenal fatigue and other symptoms like a rash that was present and getting bigger for the previous 2 years.  I knew my healing process would take place once the rash started to stop itching and eventually heal.  I’m happy to say that after 2 sessions with Terrye and her highly intuitive processes within those sessions, I am now rash free! 
Terrye was able to read and speak to my liver and give me understanding of what is happening and what my liver needed on many levels. 
I highly recommend her for help and healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 
Thank you Terrye,

 Erinn 🙏🏽🌹❤

Feel free in your body! It’s your divine right to be happy and calm and centered.

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We are all being of energy consciousness and it is this consciousness that resides within every cell of your body that sets the scene for your life and what you will experience. In Every Area of life. Body, Mental, Emotional, Relationships, Career, Temper, Friends …

Your body is alive in everyway, listening to your every thought, emotional response to life and thought. It desires your conscious attention. Lets talk.