Energy Medicine!

Energy Consciousness

The Unified Field, a term coined to describe the field of energy consciousness, is not a separate entity but rather a part of our very being. This field is a conscious, non-judgmental, compassionate and loving energetic frequency that continuously expands at a rate of trillionths of a second. By being part of the Unified Field, we have the ability to communicate with it and offer information on all levels, contributing to its evolution and growth.

At the foundation of the Unified Field lies love and compassion, and the clearer our connection to it, the more we think, act, respond, emote, and intend from our hearts. Heart consciousness is a growing field of study and its relationship with the brain and well-being is becoming increasingly understood. The heart, with its own intelligence, communicates with the brain through the nervous system and sends more neurons to the brain than the other way around. This is how the energy of love influences neural pathways in the brain, as do appreciation and gratitude, which are also part of the frequency of love.

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There is no separation of Love from the consciousness of universal life force energy. Love, Joy and Compassion are the dominant makeup of energy intelligence which is a language conversed via frequency.

The Unified Field of intelligence has no limits and continually expands, ready for us to tap into it at any moment, regardless of our level of success. It is already a part of who we are and by connecting with the Unified Field, we can also converse with the consciousness within our cells, organs, bones, and blood, evolving our own frequency from the inside out.

Energy Medicine.

I am pleased to be in this conversation with you about the fascinating subject of the unified field. It is truly remarkable that distance holds no bounds in this realm, where a planet, a distant land, or even a person’s body are considered equal in the eyes of consciousness. The mind is the only obstacle that perceives a separation.

It is my pleasure to share the ability to delve into the human body and engage with its various aspects of consciousness, such as thoughts, beliefs, emotions, self-talk, memories, and both traumatic and joyful experiences. I have the remarkable capacity to not only observe, but also interact with and transform these areas for the purpose of promoting well-being and enhancing health.

Energy medicine is a captivating practice that seeks to understand the delicate interplay between energy and the body. By recognizing the unique vibration of energy, we can consciously shift it to a higher frequency, ultimately elevating our physical, mental, and emotional experience.

As individuals, we are inherently composed of energy that interacts and communicates with our body. Our thoughts, emotions, and experiences all contribute to shaping the energy patterns that influence our health and well-being. This is where epigenetics comes into play, as the science of epigenetics explores how external factors can influence the expression of our genes, effectively influencing our energy patterns.

By utilizing techniques of energy medicine, we can bring balance and harmony to our body’s energy systems, promoting optimal health and wellness.

In essence, energy medicine and epigenetics present a synergistic relationship, as the former seeks to shift energy patterns to enhance well-being, while the latter highlights the importance of external factors in shaping these patterns.

It is a privilege to share with you this glimpse into the world of energy medicine and its connection to epigenetics. I hope this has sparked your interest and left you feeling inspired to implement energy medicine into your life.

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