A response state to your life.

Overwhelm is a response state to your life. Some people are aware that they are feeling overwhelmed and some people are not, these people tend to be the ones that push through life because for them they know ‘it needs to be done’. No judgement, only observation. What does this mean for the bodies experience though?

Energy response in the body.

We, as in our bodies, are pure energy manifesting here in the body. That means that we are energy in motion and that motion is fueling our experience from within then it radiates outwards. When a person is in overwhelm the flow of that energy may become sluggish in movement. This creates a lower vibration for your cells. As we know low vibration is the realm of dis-ease. If this environment is experienced for a long time then Stress: Emotional, Mental, Physical may become the experience.

Your body is a community of cells, all with consciousness along with the ability to listen to the information that you are fueling your cells with. Overwhelm prevents your energy flowing unencumbered. The vibration of your cells become slower preventing optimum health and vitality.

How does energy healing help with Terrye Mj?

Terrye is able to see the patterns of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and work with these pathways to clear, re-energise and imbue your physcial self with higher frequency of energy. As well as seeing into every organ that is in alignment with the pathways of energy that require help. People state they begin to feel lighter, more centered, peaceful, clearer in mind and thought…

Read What People are Saying!

The body is reliant on the quality of your energy vibration for health in mind, emotions and body. We are creating our experiences from thought, emotions, beliefs and ancestral patterns. This feeds our body and we experience our health because of this fuel. It then ripples out through the aura and chakra’s and we interact with others and our environment from this base point. With this in mind, “Life does not happen to us, It happens from us!”