Terrye connects with Universal Consciousness in the frequencies of Love, Joy and Compassion where ego is left  behind and deep soul and cellular healing begins. This is the clearest frequency that connect us clearly with the Conscious Universe.

It is due to this clear connection that Terrye is able to converse with your aura, chakras, bodies organs, meridian lines, immune system and a plethora of guides to assist in your healing sessions also to guide you through your Reiki levels and Intuitive Development.

Before your consultations Terrye spends time communicating with these energies to know what is needed for you at that time for your highest good.

By working with higher knowledge we are able to begin clearing energy blocks and know why those blockages are there, in most cases. Blocks in energy pathways may be the result of negative thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, experiences and emotions that don’t support your well being. These stagnant energy areas can also be brought with you from a past life where the experience was not worked through for your highest good.

An imbalance in energy flow may also be the result of genetic karma unknowingly passed on down the family line, through D.N.A.

Terrye is able to do these sessions because of her dedication to Heart to Mind Cohesion a practice of internal awareness of thoughts, emotions and habits.

The psychic journey for Terrye began with a course in yoga teaching where she learnt spiritual teachings about energy pathways and how emotions may become lodged in our cells – for all cells are vibrating energy centres that make up one human being.

This led to Reiki 1, 2 and Teacher / Master level with each level clearer intuitive abilities developed with more Spiritual Guides and Ascended Masters assisting Terrye and her clients for their highest good.

Terrye has always held a clear intention in her heart and mind for her work with Spirituality for herself and clients.

Terrye’s clear and loving intention has always been “To know the truth of everything, through her heart centre, for everyone’s highest good. For the purpose of supporting people with Universal Knowledge onto their soul path.” The reason we chose to reincarnate here on earth. As we release the tension in our cells we can start to remember what we are passionate about and begin our journey back to our souls purpose.

Spiritual Studies

Past Life & Between Life Hypnotherapy

TimeLine Therapy

Shamanic Journeys’

Theta Healing

Reiki Master/Teacher

Thought field therapy – T.F.T and

Emotional freedom Technique – E.F.T

T.F.T and E.F.T are gentle tapping sequences along energy meridian lines (on the upper body) that aid a person to release stress and trauma on any level. By holding the image (memory) of the stress to be released in the mind the emotions attached to that trauma may be let go off with in the cells. The memory will remain the stressful emotions and thoughts will disperse.

Over a period of two years

psychic development studies

Genome Healing

This course gave Terrye a format to converse with the organs of her clients that were already talking with her and take that conversation to a deeper healing and awareness for her clients. Then began the discovery that you can talk with all areas that make up your body.


Began to converse with Terrye, Immune systems, Nervous systems, bones and the list goes on.

Spiritual Guides

Show Terrye how thoughts can become stuck in the aura and how this will begin to affect the physical body if it is not acknowledged and healed.

-Holes and leaks in the aura affect your energy and physical health.

-Thoughts have an energy power within them that affect your life on all levels and of those around you. The resounding energy vibration of your thoughts continue out into the world and beyond. Please be very mindful what you think.

-Thoughts directed at you from another person can have a positive or negative effect on your mental and physical body and well as your emotional health.

-Etheric cords draining your energy, causing physical pain also keeping your thoughts in the past where your unable to move forward.

There is so much Terrye’s guides have taught and shown to her and each time it is for the benefit and highest good of the client at that moment in time.