Stress: Emotional, Mental, Physical

The body can hold Stress in multiple pathways for each experience that is unique to each person. Heal with renown Intuitive expert!
Intuitive Sight and Stress!

Stress has it’s roots in the energetic realms within us. It impacts us in multiple areas and the way it impacts is different for each person. When seeing it from the view of intuitive sight. Check out the page Chakra Balance where I talk about seeing into parts of the Brain! Because that information is in harmony with how I assist in lifting the pressure of stress on the emotional, mental and physical experience.

What happens to energy within the body!

The energy that meanders through your body and the Chakra’s is conscious. Where it becomes halted is where your attention is contracted. The cells respond to the frequency of the information that you input into it. You’re telling your cells how to behave, contract or expand. Contracted is a low vibration and expanded is a higher vibration and these vibrations begin to affect your health. The information is flowing from your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. For some people when they feel stressed, less than thier best the shoulder may round forward – a contracting action. When a person feels at thier best, valued, full of life thier shoulders may be back and the chest expanded and open. The same action is happening to your cells and creates a low or high vibration which sends or rather communicates via frequency. So it is then the frequency that is telling your body how to respond.

How does intuitive healing help you with stress?

Imagine this scene as an example: A client comes to me because they are feeling stressed. As I work with them I am sitting with all the members whom have a active part in this stress. That may be the body, brain, mind, heart, solar plexus, sacral, hips. Along with the consciousness of a time in this persons life when they felt the stregnth of the impact of stress. As well as where that experience is held in the body right down to the cells holding onto it. Imagine all these sections of consciousness sitting in a circle talking together to release the energy they are all holding. Its all the same experience but slightly different for each section. And I can communicate with each of them. See thier pain, thier lack of energy flow, low vibration, and help them to expand so they can connect with each other and work optimally as one.

Because everything is conscious energy and communicating via frequency and I have learnt how to communicate in the language of frequency and this is why I can do what I do. Conscious energy flows through me and the very high frequency within me and through to my client. I see the path that it flows through them and when that area has shifted enought to embraced the new frequency from Source. It is gentle, nuturing and expanded frequency. People feel lighter, more centered, in thier heart and often clearer in mind.

Energy Healing.

If you have clicked throught to a few of my session pages I am sure you have a firm understanding from your reading, that energy healing/ intuitive healing are deep reaching tools. Tools that support people gently and yet very powerfully from the conscious frequency of what the energy is radiating from within. From the epicenter of the cells out to the physical.