What ever you are experiencing is valid.

Your body is holding your emotional memories for you. Let your body talk!

What Teen’s are Saying

The Name’s of clients under the age of 18years are not shared for their privacy.

14year old girl Gold Coast, Queensland

Last year I wanted to end my life I had a ‘friend’ that was not good for me and what was being said to me was making me feel worthless. Because of Terrye I was able to step away form that friendship and I began to implement what Terrye taught me. It took about 3 months before I felt good about myself. I didn’t stop doing the techniques Terrye taught me, I kept at it each day, and the need became less as the days went by. I am now happy with myself and life and I can see clearly those that are not good for me to spend my time with though I still think of them with kindness. Terrye say’s ‘we don’t need to keep people in our lives though we can send them kind thoughts’.

Terrye helped me to keep living.


15 year old boy Gold Coast, Queensland

“My time with Terrye helped me to deal with the anxiety I was experiencing and gave me mental strength. This experience was very new to me but working in this spiritual way, I could see new possibilities on how to make my life better.” **Three Sessions


14 year old girl – Switzerland.

Each night I would talk with my mum about my day’s events and how I acted in my day. Mum would help me analyse this so I could feel good about my day. Since Terrye has been doing her healing sessions with me, I no longer need this at night after 5 distant sessions. I feel confident within myself, that I am okay and I will handle what comes up with ease. Terrye has been able to see where I have pain and what emotions and resistances I have been experiencing.

This is not why I am having sessions with Terrye but it has been a benefit.

14 year old Girl – Switzerland ~ Second Review

I have been seeing Terrye By distant healing sessions and video call, because of my spine which is curved. During my 3.5 months of distant sessions, My Body, My Back has started to SHIFT!! The Ribs in my Back are shifting to be in more alignment!!!!

First I realised that I felt more joy towards small things in life and that I have more confidence about my body and looks.

Sometimes I forget to do the techniques Terrye has recommended, during the day, but I do my visualisation practices she taught me with focus awareness everyday before bed.

My Pain in my lower back is GONE!

I am very glad that Terrye is working with me. She is a great coach.