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In Terrye’s role as an Intuitive Medium, she possesses a unique ability to connect with the frequency that permeates all life. Through her intuitive gifts, she is able to communicate with every organ, from the larger structures down to the tiniest cells within the body. By understanding the energy patterns and associated resonances of these organs, Terrye can help facilitate optimal health and well-being.

Her remarkable abilities extend beyond the physical realm, as Terrye can also communicate with dimensions both within the body and throughout the universe. This allows her to help her clients achieve heart-to-mind cohesion, which is essential for a centered, safe, and abundant life. With Terrye’s assistance, you can pursue your dreams and reach your goals with confidence and clarity.

Through her work, Terrye brings the unseen into the physical, providing her clients with the tools they need to gently begin the healing process. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to improve their health and well-being

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Julie McVey Interviewing on her YouTube Podcast – Unordinary Made Ordinary.
Join us click the link below. We talk *Out of Body Experiences. *Incarnation. *Life Review Experiences. *Afterlife Process. *Shared Death Experiences. *Guides-Spirit Beings and so much more, in a relaxed style.

Louise Fewtrell leads us effortlessly through this big conversation. Louise is a registered psychologist (BPsych(Hons.), MAPS) and Clinical Psychotherapist. With ease we discuss what energy consciousness is and how it works with you in this life and how you can apply it to your day. https://www.louisefewtrell.com/podcasts

Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium
Balancing the inner environment clears your energy pathways in the body and raises your frequency, the one that communicates to the wider part of you and the Universe. This is how vibrant health is created.
Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium
Teen overwhelm affects mental, emotional and physical.