Call in your Spirit Guides

For your medical operation and many other applications. You have a strong committed team of Angels, Guides and Past Over Loved Ones that are there to assist you. Ask and it is always given. Support for you and your medical team.

THIS POST IS AN EXTENSION FROM MY FACEBOOK LIVE ON THIS TOPIC. You can find this Live @ Terrye Mj- Intuitive Medium for the full conversation. Also meditations on my YouTube Channel @ Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium

Cheat Sheet – 4 step process

Meditation is your first step as discussed to bring your awareness into your heart Chakra. It’s important not to miss this step as it is the direct access to your soul and the realms beyond of your Angels, Guides and Passed Over Loved Ones.

The Heart Chakra is important because it is the frequency of language in the energetic realms. The clearer you are resonating within this frequency, there are multiple layers of clarity, the stronger and clearer the connection is for both sides. You can find a Grounding and Shielding meditation on my YouTube Channel- Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium which will assist you in building up this expanded connection through your heart center with regular practice.

The second step is to become clear on your Intention. Becoming clear on what your intention is allows your energetic team to know what it is you desire to experience so they can assist you. You can make this a statement or an affirmation.

A couple of examples; Statement: “It is my hearts intention to be centered, relaxed, happy and healthy knowing I am well taken care of.” Affirmation: “I am in the best of hands with my medical team and my energetic team that see’s all. I am well taken care of, happy, calm and centered.”

Third step is to Call in your Guides, Angels, Past Over Loved Ones, you can also refer to them as your energy team.

With your hand on your heart chakra feel into gratitude and appreciation, this will be easier to do now because you meditated in the first step above.

“In the highest frequency of Love, Joy and Compassion it is my hearts desire and intention to call in my guides, angels and love ones, in this frequency and beyond in Divine Light and Awareness. I ask you all to work with my medical team prior, during and after my operation so they may be in their highest frequency of awareness and centered within their hearts. I ask that you work with their guides and Angels in this same frequency so this team may be cohesive for the highest and best outcomes for my health and well being.

Now because I am writing this for you during the time of the Covid 19 Corona Virus in 2020 I would advise to add the following to your call…

“During my whole stay at the medical facility from my arrival to departure I ask you my energy team to work with all staff and their energy team in all areas so that my environment, food, beverages, staff and equipment is of the cleanliest and most positive experience available. Thank you for being here for me and with me. I am so deeply grateful.”

Lastly, the fourth step is to Trust! My team is surrounding me as I write this for you with smiles and cheering. Trust is the biggest hurdle people have when it comes to working with their unseen energy team. Stay in your heart center breathe and know that what you have asked for will play out your play in this now is to simply be in gratitude and appreciation for all these lovely people and thier teams working together.

You will lower the vibration of this frequency if you start to obsess, worry or look for proof that it is not working as you asked for. If you find yourself doing this STOP BREATHE then READJUST your thoughts and your intentions and begin to look for everything that is playing out as designed.

Please Go back to the conversation for more information as much as you like.

Our intentions and emotions create our vibration which forms the frequency that we resonate at.

I wish you all great health, peace, joy, love and abundance.

-Terrye Mj Intuitive Medium