Energy Medicine ~ Quantum Entanglement & You!

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Energy Medicine is Quantum Entanglement.

You are quantum entanglement! You are an individualised drop of the universal consciousness known by many names. So you, me, everyone is forever connected because the eternal self is formed from the one place of consciousness that still resides in who you are now.

Quantum entanglement is when two particles have been linked together, once they have connected they are forever more connected and distance is of no concern. This connection remains and Einstein termed this – spooky action at a distance.

We are all aware that we have a built in system that we may term gut instinct, intuition, a knowing. This stems from your inner being / soul that is always connected to the Universal Consciousness that is connected to all things. It’s where we all came from and are always part of, no matter the distance.

We were energy beings that are conscious, we then incarnate bringing part of that energy self within the body, and we return to that fullness of ourselves when we leave this body. So, we are still energy beings having this experience of physical life. Before the body experience we are completely aware of our connection with everything and that we are individualised drops of cousciousness experiencing itself. This would mean that quantum entanglement exisits for everyone.

Physics shows us to that at the center of our cells there is 99.9999999999999% energy and that energetic space is full of quantum fields of energy. Because empty space is full of wave functions and invisible quantum fileds ~ conscious energy. Crazy right, so there never is just empty space.

Energy Medicine is the interaction with this field that is all around us, beside us a part of us and within us. We don’t end at our skin we continue into the field of our aura, that is always interacting with the environment and information that is there.

What I am leading to is that there is always something that you can do to increase your well-being on what ever level you need, by embracing Energy Medicine into your life and daily habits. You are energy and it is malleable and gentle.. there is benevolent intelligence where there seems to be nothing.

We have an energy body and system as well as this amazing physical one. There is a chakra system, aura system, meridian and nadi system. Including the conscious energy of the cells. All of these are interacting and responding to how each one of us is perceiving our world.

Breath. Free & Powerful.

Breath, is the power at your finger tips!

When you are feeling anxious, fearful, flat, unsure you can turn your attention to your breath.

~ PAUSE, your thought.

~ BREATHE DEEPLY, placing a hand (if you can) on your heart center (middle of your chest) and your abdomen quickly calms your body.

~ Think the word THANK YOU. You may be thanking your breath, your body, this moment that you get to calm your energy patterns, your soul…

*If the mind is still busy give it a job. Place your attention at the tips of your nostrils and notice and say ‘Cool Healing Energy In.’ when you breathe out notice and say (in your mind) ‘Warm Used Energy Out.’


When you pause your habitual thought and breathe you are pausing the patterns of your mind and within the brain, and of course your central nervous system benefits also.

Now is the perfect opportunity to replace any emotions or thoughts with ones that align with how you do want to think or feel.

Remeber thoughts are created from our individualised perceptions and they are only energy that the body responds too. So they can be shifted, changed, upleveled and you’re the one in charge of deciding what goes and what stays.

THE BODY is your computer system.

YOUR THOUGHTS are the program.

YOUR EMOTIONS are a result of those programs.

YOUR BREATH gives you space to shift it with repetition.

You don’t need to be in stress, anxiety … to turn inward and benefit from breath focus. You can always up level your well-being and bring in more vitality with your breath and you are applying energy medicine.


Look Out For my CHANNELLED message from the ‘COLLECTIVE’. Highly evolved Elders in the non-physical.


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