Chakra’s – The Rainbow of colours with in you


Series 1 Peaceful Moments, Week 2

Spinning in your aura, the layered energy field that surrounds your physical body, reside your chakra’s.   Our chakra’s support us on all levels of our existence here in this body that you are currently inhabiting. Chakra’s are a living thriving network of energy that themselves have layers to what they do for us.  They are a part of you from the beginning just as your blood, bones and thoughts are.

For this four week series I will share with you the four basics of Chakra’s.  In another blog series I will share with you more about Chakra’s that I have learnt and experienced firsthand to aide you in deepening your understanding and connection with that part of you.

1) What are they – at the beginner level

2) Where they are located

3) What colour each chakra vibrates at

4) Glands and organs related with each chakra There are seven main chakra’s as you can see from the picture above, thogh we will discuss eight to include the feet chakras.

What are Chakra’s

Chakra energy centres spin in a clock wise direction when they are clear, when they become clogged and heavy they tend to slow down and can even reverse their spinning.  Let us assume for the purpose of this blog that your chakras are clear and healthy. Each chakra aids us in keeping balance through our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional selves.  When these energy centres which are located along your physical spine are not healthy a change in these areas can be experienced.

Feet Chakra’s

Are located on the sole of your feet in the middle of your foot.  You can strengthen these centres through doing last weeks meditation on “Grounding and Shielding your Energy.”  When a person is grounded through the feet I can feel the power in that connection to Gaia.

1st Base / Root Chakra                                         

Colour: Red

Location: Base of spine, perineum

Glands & organs: Adrenals, Kidneys, Spinal column, Legs, Leg bones, Reproductive, Colon

The function of the Base Chakra is that of survival in the physical world shelter, warmth, food and water. This is also where the fight or flight instincts arise and our physical vitality. Our memories and emotions of early relationships are held within this energy centre and create our foundations in which we view people and the world from as we mature.  The base chakra is also another chakra through which we ground our selves with Gaia.

2nd Sacral Chakra

Colour: Orange

Location: two inches below the navel and two inches inside the body.

Glands and organs: Sexual organs, Prostate gland, Spleen, Womb, Bladder, Liver.

This is the energy centre for creativity and inspiration also this is the area in which you engage with other people in group dynamics based on your base chakra relationship experiences.

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra

Colour: Yellow

Location: Base of the ribs

Glands and organs: Pancreas, Liver, Digestive tract, Stomach, Gallbladder, Metabolism, Nervous system.

The seat of your personal power and where we distribute our energy from.  With growth from the lower two chakras we now begin to shape our being and based on our cellular memory of those experiences with aid or tighten our ability to let go of energy blocks.

4th Heart chakra

Colour: Green

Location: Centre of the chest level with the physical heart

Glands and organs: Thymus, Heart, Ribs, Chest cavity, Lower lungs, Blood

The energy of vibration of universal love flows through here within that vibration is also your intuition.  It is through the heart centre we become at peace with who we are and allow others the same peace of non-judgement.  The other chakras all flow to this centre chakra.  Through the balancing and clearing of lessons through the bottom three chakras  opens the heart chakra.  When the next top three chakras are also cleared and energised your heart chakra begins to vibrate at a higher level of awareness tuning into group consciousness and spirituality.  We are now at our centre of compassion.

5th Throat Chakra

Colour: Blue

Location: Base of your neck and throat

Glands and organs: Thyroid, Throat, Jaw areas, Vocal cord, lungs, immune system.

Our communication and expression energy centre where we verbalise our mental and emotional energy with people and spirit.  Through trusting your inner wisdom and speaking, singing or chanting your heart centred truth with love you journey along the pathway to higher consciousness.

6th Third Eye Chakra

Colour: Indigo

Location: One finger breadth above your eye brows

Glands and organs: Pituitary gland, Cerebellum, Ears, Nose, Sinuses, Eyes, central nervous system,

Here we connect in with our psychic abilities have insight into past, present and future increasing clairvoyance and our ability to connect and rediscover our gift that we incarnated with for our life purpose.  There is no need to see your self through the eyes of others, here and the heart centre you connect with the knowing of your true value.

7th Crown Chakra

Colour: White, Gold

Location: Top centre of your head.

Glands and organs: Pineal and pituitary glands, Cerebral cortex, Cerebrum, Central Nervous system.

Enlightenment through higher consciousness the All Knowing Wisdom that connects the Multiverse flows through our crown chakra.  Activating the release of illusory ideals of the worth of material goods , pride and vanity  these will easily be left behind once the crown chakra is vibrating at a higher frequency.   With the ease and comfort attained through this awareness you know you are not alone in your journey and you will always have guidance to fulfil your gift  in this life.

The realisation that material goods are just items and do not define us does not mean that we no longer desire these things.  We simply release the tension associated with having, wanting, needing.


The journey of awareness and reconnection with your amazing spirit selves may not be smooth.  As we move through clearing of each chakra level emotions and our experiences within those fields will rise up and demand to be noticed and worked through.  If your good hey even great at pushing those memories and emotions down they will rise up again – be on the look out – for you can not move forward without acknowledging and assimilating those lessons that are just for you.  REMEMBER you chose this life.

When you set an intention out loud or internally through thought please end it with a statement like these –  “with ease and grace” or “with gentleness and compassion”  or something similar that resonates with you.  Otherwise you may just receive what you ask for – faster when you work through your lessons – though not in the way you had hoped.


Terrye Mj