How to ground and shield your energy

Well here we are at the start ready to begin connecting to your soul, realigning your vibration so you can be in tune with your soul purpose reignite the joy in your life and in your career.

Why not! This is why we are here after all to take a journey of discovery. The discovery is YOU. Through this daily practice you will cultivate a presence of being open to this clear vibration of Joy and Love which connects with us all through energy. The energy of feeling, loving, fun, happiness the vibration of knowing. When you are open to this energy you are open to the discovery of your soul purpose which can only enrich your life.





What is Energy?

Our world is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies this vibrating energy connects us to each other and to our world. If you have ever read or heard someone speak of “Global Consciousness” being raised by groups who meditate on peace or a new movie or book.  That has had a large impact on people and communities where the message is heart based with a focus on deeper awareness of our own greatness being within us, this aids in raising global consciousness. This energy flows through everything you see and what you cannot yet see, though some of you may.   I see this energy in many ways one is through the earth and connects through our feet chakras. I also see this energy line connecting not just us to each other but to everything on the earth trees, soil, bugs and blades of grass and so much more.


Grounding your energy aids you in being present in your body. The process is a way of balancing your mind, body and spirit into the present moment aligning your chakras, etheric self and keeping the connection with Gaia (Mother Earth).

With daily practice raising your vibrations to that of clearer higher vibrating energy, this clearer energy supports you in connecting with your higher knowing, your intuition, gut instinct this gives you a spring board for clear knowing your way forward with life and career decisions.  There is so much more to this though I feel this will suffice for where we are now, just at the beginning.


Shielding your energy allows the focus to be on your clear instincts for the rest of the day and not on the energy that you become bombarded with through your daily activities.  There is so much activity all around you everywhere you go that you cannot possibly protect yourself from it all without first focusing on your daily protection to start with.

This again helps in raising your energy to a higher clearer vibration.

Grounding and Shielding Focused Meditation

1) Firstly be in a sitting or standing position anywhere where you feel calm with feet hip width apart.  Stand firmly though not rigidly.

2) Breathing in slowly for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, release on a count of 4.  Just like in the previous blog “Peaceful Moments”.

Allow all thoughts about the night or your day ahead gently drift away.  Do at least 3 or 4 rounds of this breathing technique for relaxation of the whole body and mind.

Once you don’t need to do this 4 count again

Simply focus on your heart centre the inner you, your soul as you breathe deeply connecting with your soul

Grounding Process

3) Bring your attention to the middle of your chest- your heart chakra – set your intention to connect with your higher self, high above you your soul self your all knowing all loving higher self.

Mentally say

“My intention is to connect in with the 11th dimension or above in the pure energy of Joy and Love for my highest good for my soul purpose.”


The energy far away and ask for the energy from this place – for the energy beam that already connecting you – to be cleansed and re-energised.

See this energy descending down

Down through space

Down through your higher self your soul self

Down through your soul star chakra high above you

Down through your crown chakra at the top of your head

Feel that energy descending down through the centre line of your body

Gently slowly down through your head down through your throat chakra

Down to your heart chakra – in the middle of your chest

All the way down the mid line of your torso

Breathing through your nose

Out your mouth

Down through your legs

Out through the soles of your feet

Visualise that energy descending down through the earth

All the way to heart centre of Gaia (Mother Earth) to her very core, her heart loving centre

You are connected above and below

Ask Gaia

To ascend her healing loving all knowing earth energy up through the earth from her heart centre.

All the way up to the base of your feet through your feet chakras in the centre of your soles

Up through your legs

Up through the centre line of your body

Up through the torso

Up to your heart centre in the middle of your chest feel the energy gathering, swirling and clearing out any meridians and blocked energy.

The energy pulsates out of you from the front of your chest and from the back of your chest.

This loving vibration

The energy continues up

Through the throat

Up through the head

Out of the top of your heart your crown chakra

Continuing up through your soul star chakra

Through your higher self

All the way up to the 11th dimension or beyond in the pure energy of Joy and Love for your highest good for your souls purpose

Your energy is secured

Golden Light of Protection 

From this same place above

“Ask for the golden light to descend around these energy beams protecting you and your energy”

Descending down around these columns of light surrounding

Your highest self

Your soul star chakra

Your physical body

Your aura



Past your feet

All the way into the earth

To the very centre of Gaia to her heart centre surrounding and protecting her from any negativity as well

Still breathing deeply through the nose

Sitting or standing firmly though relaxed

Set your intention that “No thing, person, entity, thoughts or actions can negatively influence our selves our life our life purpose any of these things will be absorbed by the golden light and be sent back to the originator for their awareness for their growth

This golden light sits as far out or as far in as is needed for your highest good, for your soul purpose.

Breathe in deeply into your abdomen

Slow breathe out

Bring your awareness back to your body and your present moment

Wriggle your toes and fingers

Open your eyes

Enjoy your day