Hawaiian Goddess #2 Part 1- Oahu Island

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The “Kahuna Goddess”# 2  Part 1.

A Healing at the vacant healing stones

Firstly the picture above is the closest I could find to looking like “The Kahuna Goddess” that I saw.  She is as beautiful as this picture though her face shone with joy and cheekiness and so much knowledge that my mere attempts to convey her spiritual energy with my words is falling short of the wonder and cheeky joy I also felt while watching her.  Maybe one day I will commission someone to paint her as I saw her.

There we were in Waikiki jet lagged and couldn’t wait to leave for Maui, so many shops that I just wanted to run away and never see Waikiki again.  In my tired and exhausted body I could not enjoy this relaxed and beachy tourist mecca.  We stayed for 3 days then hopped a plane to Maui.

Waikiki city Waikiki, view from Diamond Head Lookout ( locally known as Láhi).

We had the pleasure of staying in a studio in Paia hosted by the loveliest Hawaiians.  Well we visited as much of Maui that we could fit in to our 5 nights.  Including the majestic volcano crater of Haleakala, a little note here, if you are in Maui and would like to visit Haleakala crater wear warm clothes.  OMGoddess, we were dressed to go snorkeling and at the last moment saw a sign for Haleakala and up we went.

20140812_174936 - Copy - Copy Driving above the clouds to the top of Haleakala Crater, Maui.

As much as I enjoyed Maui and all the wonder there was to explore, it was Kauai Island that filled me with awe, peace, love, expansion and relaxation all before I even left the airport.  As soon as I was off the plane and breathing in Kauai air I felt embraced by her energy all in one big sigh of pleasure.  I looked over at my husband and he also had a huge smile on his dial, expressing that he felt the same.  My whole body relaxed and I felt as though I had come home.

I am blessed to live on the edge of a subtropical valley forest.  When we first moved there I drove into the valley and I felt my soul saying it was home.  Kauai though takes that to an even deeper level of connection one that I may have missed had I visited here too soon on my spiritual journey.

With energy like this travelling so gently and easily within the particles of air and through my cells filling me up completely I was more than a little excited.  I sent a call out to “The Kahuna Goddess”, imploring my spirit guides to help get the message out, on our second day in Kauai that went a little like this.

kauai Mt side  Napali Coast, Kauai.

“Okay, I’m here.  You did your magic over me and drew me to you here in Hawaii.  If we are going to meet it had better be soon, please, as we are leaving Kauai in four days.  If it’s going to be any where it has to be here, because come on!! this place oozes clear spiritual energy. When are we going to meet?”

Instantly I heard“On Oahu, it’ll happen when you’re back in Waikiki.”  Well I started to laugh and doubt that message as I didn’t enjoy my time there, I also said this to spirit.  The reply was“you will be so relaxed when you get back to Waikiki that you will be energetically ready and enjoying yourself.” 

It was nice to receive that message here in Kauai because without realizing it earlier I was on constant alert to being open to sense when and if the Goddess was going to show herself to me.  In my new completely relaxed self I was able to fully enjoy my time in Kauai creating lasting memories of fun and ever deepening connection with my husband.  Kauai will remain lovingly held in our hearts, we felt very fortunate to have experienced this island and her energy.

Once back in Waikiki for our last week in Hawaii, time was floating on by and still no Kahuna Goddess.  It must have been around day three of our seven days left that my husband remembered I had found on the internet, before leaving Australia, an article that mentioned healing stones of Hawaii.

So I did a quick google search and found one mentioned in – Wai’ihiawa (Wahiawa) which was just 20 minutes from us called simply the healing stones.

A little square white washed room had been built to house the healing stones right on the side of the road in a non-descript street.  So unassuming that we drove past it twice.  As we walked the area looking for the healing stones, which are three, a lady stopped us – she was obviously so used to tourists walking around lost – and pointed us in the right direction.

20140821_095153 Healing Stones.

Slowly I walked up the steps to the stone house feeling slightly deflated, as the lady told us the stones had been moved to a secret location about two years ago so I wasn’t expecting to sense much here.  *Though that morning after my grounding  and shielding exercise I asked spirit for a physical healing for that day.  I gave spirit a couple of options to choose from – cheeky and fun – one being my lower back which had not recovered from my flight to Hawaii.  I had been having difficulty sitting for more than two minutes since my arrival.

As we looked inside it was filled with offerings people have left behind to honour the energy of the stones -lei’s, incense, flowers, pictures, fruit and other little gifts.


Regardless of the stones being gone the energy here was still very high.  As I stood in the little door way I could feel the energy flowing right into me.

*This made me wonder – is this energy the residual energy of the stones or is it a culmination of energy left from all the visitors to this site leaving behind their positive vibration through their heart centered intentions.

I was watching the energy flowing in through my crown chakra down through my body out my feet and into Gaia ( mother earth).  Then I was told – “to sit, right here”.  My husband found a shady spot close by and took this picture.

20140821_093827 sitting as instructed by spirit.

Instantly there was a lot of activity within my crown chakra ( energy center on the top of the head).  I saw Golden Light all around my crown chakra with pressure all around and on my head.  Then the light began to pour into my crown chakra.  I write pour as it felt like blessed golden oil cascading into me.  Nurturing and soothing as it descended down my spine all the way to my lower back and right hip.

A lady (spirit) came and knelt in front of me taking my hands where she place soft red flowers into my palms, she said “to aid in deeper healing.  I could feel energy flowing into my heart chakra (middle of the chest) from above, below and from behind me.  Filling my heart chakra with so much love that it shone with an explosion of brilliant bright light and expansion, as if opening your arms out wide ready for a little child to run with full lipped smile straight into your spread eagled arms and into your heart.

The lady in spirit then said “Now you Are a beacon of light.  Always giving, always sending energy out out out and always receiving, always receiving energy.”

My attention was then taken to the intense brightness of the light pouring into my crown chakra and up from Gaia both to my heart chakra then flowing out of my heart chakra from my front and my back – like a light house beacon.  The knowing that came with this was “clearer healings (my healing sessions) and my being (body) a clearer conduit for spiritual energy.”   I’m a bit of an all rounder when it comes to communicating with spiritual energy.  I hear, see, feel, smell sometimes and have a knowing and spirit uses all these sensitivities to communicate with me sometimes utilizing a little of everything to give me the big picture.

As the spiritual light filled the space around me the spirit lady worked on clearing my throat chakra ( middle of throat).  She then said the following, which I am thankful that I recorded as I would have forgotten for sure,

“Books and then the speaking,

Books and then the speaking,

Go hand in hand,

One is not surpassing the other both are needed,

The books and then the speaking,

the healings will still take place,

The books and then the speaking.” 

** I’d like to share with you here that I have known since I was about 6 years of age that I was here to write books I just didn’t know what to write and self doubt kept me from starting.  So as I write this blog I am simultaneously and slowly writing two books, because I am easily distracted with ideas and I get antsy sitting too long.  It has long been suggested by people of grandeur that I focus on one thing at a time – I read 3 or 4 books at a time as well.  If there are any readers out there that are like me – I say “No, creativity in spirit should be allowed to over flow into life with out forced boundaries made to make us feel as though we must conform to fit.  If I don’t FIT with the majority I am living my hearts purpose and I am joyful for it.” I’ve also dreamed of being an engaging public speaker.  I’m not – yet.  It is still an ambition of mine that I have had for at least twenty odd years.   Without even knowing it as a youngster I was in tune with my life purpose – writing and speaking.  It’s just taken me awhile to find my grounding and spiritual heart.**

As this beautiful lady finishes her poetry soft flower petals began to quietly fall from high above gently falling on and around me.  As these petals fell around me they created a pathway leading away from me that spread out into three separate paths.  I was informed that the first path was for my healing sessions, the second for the books I would write leaving the third path for public speaking engagements.

With blessings of love the spirit lady informed me that The Goddess would be waiting for me under the tree at the next sacred stones I am going to visit. 

With all that I have experienced with spirit this last sentence still surprised me that the spirit lady would mention The Kahuna Goddess.  My next destination this day was to visit the ancient birthing stones of Hawaii.  This is where the royal women of Hawaii would travel to give birth.

I jumped up excited to get going to the birthing stones and share with my husband all that had just happened.  As I stood my husbands eyes popped wide and he stared at my hips.  He asked me “how is your back? you got up very easily just then”.   It was then that I realized my spiritual healing had healed my painful lower back and hips.  With a lot of twisting and stretching and even more excitement we headed back to the car and off down the road to our next destination.

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