Heart Awareness Meditation

Heart Awareness

In my previous blog “Breathing Through your Chakras” for many would have been your beginning journey into the world of energy.  It is our world, everything without exception in this world is vibrating a frequency.

Our heart also has it’s own vibration that is forever expansive and is sensed by others around us and vice versa.  When a parent is stressed a baby will be unsettled especially if it is the mother who is feeding the baby.  It is the heart rhythm that the baby resonates with.

An easy way to know if you are interacting from your heart centre is to simply ask these questions;

Am I feeling joy in these thoughts, actions or words of mine?

Is there tension anywhere in my body during these thoughts, actions or words of mine?

So if you are not feeling love, calm, joyful in the moment ask yourself what you do want? Focusing on the positive and what you do want changes the your vibration your sending out to the world.  We are manifesting beings co-creating our lives with every thought, feeling and action though it is our feelings that stream line our manifestations.  So it would be to your advantage to become friendly with your heart intelligence.

Here is a video that will help explain heart intelligence, I hope you enjoy watching.

Below this video I have also included a heart meditation that I teach in my courses to children and adults.

Consciously connecting to your heart centre.

Before you begin feel into your heart centre and with out editing what do you feel?  What words come up?  Is there tension?  You don’t need to do anything just gently and lovingly be aware.

6 Positions – Spend a total of one hour (10 mins on each hand position) or less if time will not allow for the full hour.  You may sit in a chair or lay down which ever is more comfortable for you, I find laying down for this one is best.

  1. Right hand over top of head
  2. Left hand over heart chakra
  3. Left hand moves from heart to 3rd eye
  4. Right hand moves from crown to heart
  5. Right hand from heart to throat
  6. Left hand from 3rd eye to heart
  7. Left hand from heart to solar plexus
  8. Right from throat to heart
  9. Right hand from heart to Sacral
  10. Left hand from solar plexus to heart
  11. Left hand from heart to Root Chakra (perineum)
  12. Right hand from Sacral to heart

Breathe in deeply through your nose filling up your abdomen with energy relaxing your hands down beside your body palms facing up.  Again feel into your heart centre and notice any change in your words, feelings, tension or lack of tension, any feeling of release.

Gently wriggle your toes and fingers give thanks to yourself for giving you this gift of relaxation and meditation.

With Blessings

Terrye Mj – Professional Intuitive