“Energy Medicine: 7 Essential Things You Must Know .”

These 7 areas impact your physical life and I’ll share how you can use Energy Medicine TODAY!

Energy Medicine: 7 Essential things you must know. _ Terrye Mj

Energy Medicine, Is the missing link.

Energy has been actively present longer than there have been humans inhabiting earth. The terms we use to explain it, converse about it, and understand it as a society may change throughout time, though energy itself keeps operating the same way. Energy is conscious and eternal; there is nothing in the universe that can prevent energy from existing and expanding. It is omnipresent, and it is the part of us all that is eternal.

Energy exists in a peaceful state of awareness. When you instruct it with thought, emotions, and intention, it changes and aligns with the instructions given to it. This is how we all continue to interact with energy medicine in our lives subconsciously, on autopilot. Linger longer here if you want to discover some ways to interact consciously with what is already occurring within and all around you. Let’s look at the 7 Essential things about energy medicine that I’ll cover in this blog:

*Your body is fueled by Energy!

*How does the body and Energy Frequency co-exist?

*Chakra System.

*How to connect with Energy Medicine and your body further.

*Aura body, Meridians.

*Cleansing your Aura at home technique.

*Manifesting and your Emotional Body.

1. Your body is fueled by Energy!

It is the energy consciousness of your soul that informs your body. Without you trying to do anything, you are already observing and responding to your environment. This is the energy that fuels your body to respond to your world. This is a part of your eternal self that is energy. Your soul is a frequency of energy that is unique to you. You are not only your body, you are your inner being, your soul. Being here in your body is how you give life and movement to your physical form.

We identify with our bodies so that we can be fully present and experience physical life. Though it is the energy frequency that informs the body and the wider part of your experience. Source/God/The Absolute/Buddha (however you name it) is the energy intelligence that fuels the creative structure of the human body. Then, your soul inhabits it and informs it based on your responses to all of your experiences and those that you resonate with from the family line.

2. How does the body and Energy Frequency co-exist?

You could say that the body is the vehicle for the soul while here, though it may be more accurate to state that the physical body and the soul’s frequency interconnect so completely that there is no detection possible to observe the separation, as you would a person sitting inside a car with your physical eyes.

The effect of your soul energy/consciousness and your physical body blending so completely is similar to cake ingredients blending and mixing as one. These ingredients can no longer be separated; they are as one to give form to the finished product – your delicious cake or your delicious self.

The frequency of your energy is within and around every cell of your physical body, and as stated earlier, it is aware. This means that your thoughts, intentions, emotions, and ancestral energy patterns create the information language for your body to respond to.

I like the use of imagery to share how this harmonious balance occurs in the physical realm. So here is another one for your imagination. Think of your body as a computer, and a computer requires programs in order to operate. So with this in mind, your body is the computer, and your energy body/your soul is the program that gives life to your physical form. Your energy body converses in the language of vibration and frequency, and it is always undulating from one state to another. Your body is always listening for instructions.

When you know how to listen and observe the signs of your body, that is your energy self talking with you through the physical form. The quality of your energy frequency will result in your illness or wellness. There is no judgment, no requirement for guilt; you’ve done nothing wrong it is just the way our body and soul work together.

This is a large topic squeezed into a blog with the intention to spark an interest or further clarify for you how energy medicine can be utilized in your day and how it operates, and how energy is always interacting within and around you. I know I am stating the obvious here (for some), though stay with me as I continue down the energy medicine brick road…

Intentions, Thoughts, Emotions, Internal Reactions and Ancestral Patterns ~ Are all energy vibrating at a frequency, and this frequency is a language. A language that Energy Medicine Practitioners, like myself, can converse with. And I am here to share with you that you can too, if it is your intention to become more aware of how your own energy is conversing with you.

Put your wellness and abundance clearly in your own hands.

3. Chakra system.

Chakra’s_ Energy Medicine: 7 Essential things you must know.
Terrye Mj

There are 7 main chakras that are a part of the etheric body, so they rest in your aura, aligning perfectly along the spine from the base to the crown of your head. There are also minor chakras and chakras within the body.

The 7 main chakras, from base to crown, also have a color unique to each one. Each main chakra interacts with separate areas of your body, the organs, and structures of that area, including emotions, and psychological patterns.

When an area is under functioning, there is a block in the flow of energy. This may show up in one’s emotions, mental health, or physical issues. This is a sign that energy medicine may benefit you.

You can begin to utilise the power and connection of energy medicine with this technique.

~Once you are in a comfortable position for you,

~Place your hand on the chakra location on your body where you have a tightness, pain, an ache, where something is just not right,

~Visualise the colour within your body as a ball of light, a softball size. Then watch it grow until it is like a mini sun surrounding this area of your body. An illuminous light.

~Then say the affirmation. Rest in the vibration of the words you have spoken or thought.

~Begin to activate your sensitive senses. Do you feel lighter during or at the end, a shift of some sort or a knowing that something has occurred. Become your own investigator.

Root/Base Chakra_Red. *Base of Spine.

‘I am grounded and a part of all life, I am safe, healthy and abundant. My needs are met. All is unfolding for me and from me.’

Sacral Chakra_Orange. Below the belly button.

‘I embrace my creativity and find pleasure in it, myself and in life. I am at ease in groups, as everyone is just like me, a soul exploring. I embrace the changes of my life as it unfolds from me and for me.’

Solar Plexus Chakra_Yellow. Go to the last ribs and into the Center line of your body.

‘My vitality rises from within me, I choose to stand in my powerful energy as it moves through all of me. I am enough’

Heart Chakra_Green. Middle of your chest.

The Heart is where we balance the lower 3 chakra’s with the top 3 chakra’s. When this comes into harmony you begin to live more consciously and less reactive.

‘I am a being of Love, a being of Joy, I choose to see, speak, and intend to know myself and others from this place. Life flows from me, all is right in my world.’

Throat Chakra_Light Blue. Throat center.

‘I speak my truth gently and firmly when required, from the wisdom of my heart. My inner being guides me in love, it is my choice to listen.’

Third Eye Chakra_Indigo. The center point between your eyebrows and slightly above.

Intuitive insight may increase as the lower 3 chakra’s balance through the Heart Space.

‘With an open heart and trust in my inner beings wisdom, I open to the awareness and consciousness of my soul and guides. I see in Love.’

Crown Chakra_Violet or White. Center at the top of your head.

‘I am open to my connection with my Higher Self and Source(/Divine/Absolute/God), in the highest frequencies of Joy and beyond in Sources light for my highest good with ease, grace and abundance. I am the Light.’

4. How to connect with Energy Medicine and your chakra’s further.

Interacting with the colour of the chakra you feel is blocked is one way you can begin to utilise energy medicine in an easy accessible way.

Trust your internal compass.
Energy Medicine: 7 Essential things you must Know.
Terrye Mj

~Have that colour around you in flowers, home décor, pictures …

~Wear it,

~Eat the food of that colour if it is right for you,

~Visualise that colour in the area of your body that you need it.

~Yoga. The original purpose of yoga is to assist in the flow of your energy, etheric body and make the physical body supple to sit in meditation.

~Let go and trust that you are more than this wonderful physical body and allow energy medicine to benefit you consciously.

7 Main Chakra System_Energy Medicine:
7 Essential things you must Know. Terrye Mj

The documentation of the chakra system is thousands of years old. Read more here: https://rb.gy/yznaw

Need support go here: https://terryemj.com/booking-calendar-terrye-mj/

5. Aura body, Meridians.

Aura Body, Meridians_Energy Medicine_
7 Essential things you
must Know.
Terrye Mj

In the realm of energy medicine, the aura represents the energetic field surrounding our physical bodies. Although invisible to the naked eye (though some people can see auras and their colours), the aura contains vital information about our physical, emotional, and spiritual states. There is no one-size-fits-all with auras. Our aura will be contracted or expanded due to our consciousness. What is true for all, though, is that illness and imbalances in our well-being will manifest first in the aura. When it is not balanced, it moves closer to the physical body until it manifests in the physical.

Your aura is constantly busy picking up information not only from you but also from your environment and the information in other people’s auras too. Cleansing and rebalancing the aura and chakras is beneficial for well-being on all levels.

Meridians, another integral aspect of energy medicine, form an intricate network of energy channels in the body. These pathways have been mapped and utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Scientific research using techniques such as acupuncture, acupressure, and reiki has demonstrated the existence of meridians and their connection to organ systems, lending credence to the ancient healing practices.

Remember, knowledge is empowering, and by embracing the realm of energy medicine, you can unlock the extraordinary potential within you.

6. Cleansing your Aura at home technique.

Remember that everything is energy vibrating at a frequency, and with this in mind, your intention is included. Your intention is a powerful force directing where and from what platform your energy moves and the quality of it.

For example, in this next technique I will be sharing with you, you begin with your intention. You’ll notice in the below technique that your intention begins in your heart. This is due to your heart being a high-frequency organ of consciousness that can quickly align you with the higher frequencies of love, joy, and beyond.

You Will Require only Four (4) Things:

1.Incense or Sage.

2.Lighter or Matches.

3.Someone to practice on or yourself.

4.The willingness to by pass old paradigms and engage with possibilities of energy medicine and your inner being.

Cleansing your Aura at home technique.
Energy Medicine: 7 Essential things you must know.

Now we begin: Have your incense or sage ready with your lighter. With these in hand and in the location you desire to be in;

Step 1 (S1)

~Close your eyes and state your intention, before lighting your incense.

An example is: ‘From my heart it is my intention to cleanse my aura so that my being may be balanced and vibrating at a clearer frequency for my highest good. In the light of Source in Joy and Beyond.’

~You can stay here for a breath or three as you begin to notice if you can sense a shift already occurring. This may be a peaceful feeling or a sense of lightness. The more you stay in the moment to activate your energy senses or intuitive senses the more they develop.


~Now you begin, light your incense. Above the crown of the head. Stay at least foot from the body.

~Using brush like strokes down the side and front of the head to shoulders,

~At the shoulders gently lift one arm and run your incense down the underside of the arm then on top, and down the side of the torso,

~Repeat other side, *Remember to stay present with your attention. This is where you may begin to notice energy blocks, energy leaks, information about the physical body including thoughts and emotions, over time, for yourself and others.

~Continuing down the front and sides of the body, including front, side and inner areas of the legs,

~Holding onto something if needed, lift one foot and clear under the foot, Repeat other side.

~Cleanse the rear of your body as best as you can,

~For another start at the rear of the head now and brush like strokes all the way down the body.

This quick technique is enough to get started on bringing energy medicine into your daily habits.

You can read more about the ways energy medicine interact in life here: https://terryemj.com/blog/

The more that you practice this technique you may develop the ability to connect with the consciousness of energy as I did. I got to the point where I could feel in another; intentions, emotions, blocks in the aura and physical body, even once in a calf that the person wanted to kick another (which they confirmed was accurate), angels and guides around them, stomach upset and lower back pain. This list is endless in the possibilities that you can connect with the information available.

So start practicing my friend and see where this may lead. After all you are energy at all times and this is energy medicine in your hands.

7.Manifesting and your Emotional body.

There is a great deal shared about manifesting, and I am going to share with you the softest and yet most powerful approach you can use to realign with your heart’s center for manifesting in this physical world. This may be the most powerful of the 7 Essential Things Everyone Needs to Know About Energy Medicine.

We came into these bodies to identify what we liked, and with the agreement of time, we would manifest more along that frequency of what we focused upon.

So, what do I mean by ‘more along that frequency’?

Let’s explore this a little.

If a person is feeling joyful as they gaze upon what they like or feeling grateful in joy, then more opportunities are going to present to them that will offer more levels of joy. Whether that be in relationships, friendships, working life, sport, finance, or play, it is of no concern to you because the greater consciousness that is Source/Universe will line up with you and your path of most allowing. So, more opportunities of joy come through for you.

Your job then is to be open to seeing these moments and receiving them into your life experience. You can apply this to all the emotions that we experience – the so-called good and the bad. This is applied to all aspects of who we are – intentions, thoughts, reactions, and actions. The wider consciousness is always answering to your energy output that you are creating.

The good news is! Is that we can change this at any time and begin to create a stronger, more beneficial interaction with this world that is energy first, so that it benefits you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Some people may be worried by the term “spiritually” – by this, I am referring to energy consciousness, which is the language of vibration and frequency.


EMOTIONAL BODY. Energy Medicine: 7 Essential things you must know. Terrye Mj

Vibration and frequency, the language of energy, has until recently been mostly kept in the subconscious realms of our reality. Though it has been spoken and taught throughout our human history, it has been kept mostly hidden in the west.

The emotional body is a clear sign of where attention has been to create an emotional state. It is a personal feedback loop of constant information. Each emotion creates its own vibrational frequency. Uplifting emotions like love, joy, and gratitude have a higher frequency, while the heavier, more sluggish frequencies belong to fear, anger, and resentment.

By paying closer attention to your emotions, you’re quickly gathering important information on where your alignment is focused and what you are emitting into the world. The world will respond to you and your body’s inner environment accordingly. Your emotions show you the quality of your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and how you are responding to your life.

Attention on fear, lack, or self-limiting beliefs will align you with situations that will bring you more of the same. On the other hand, focusing on refined frequencies of empowerment and uplifting thoughts and beliefs will improve your manifesting abilities with positive outcomes. In essence, this is mindfulness, which is self-awareness, and it plays a significant role in what manifests.

Becoming aware of emotions is important, and it is crucial to remember that this is a practice in observation, not judgment. Engage in constructive observation without attachment. See yourself as an energy being and have deep and expanded compassion as you mindfully observe emotions that are present. This will allow you to readjust your focus if needed, towards what you do want to manifest and expand upon. This shift will bring more creativity, abundance, well-being, and happiness into your life experiences.

You can do this! Everyone can. We are all naturally doing this automatically from the beginning of our existence in this body. This mindful approach to non-judgment of your emotions will empower you to take charge of your life and consciously create it. As you do this, you are raising your frequency not only for manifesting outside of you but within you as well. Your organs, your blood, your immune system, everything will benefit.

Ancient wisdom is now yours, and you will be consciously co-creating your experiences. Your transformative potential is unlimited.

Through her website, terryemj.com, YouTube Channel https://rb.gy/kclcp, and Sessions https://terryemj.com/booking-calendar-terrye-mj/ , Terrye Mj shares her vast knowledge and insights into the world of energy medicine with a global audience. Her blog articles are not only informative but also deeply insightful, shedding light on the intricacies of energy medicine and its profound impact on physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

To date Terrye Mj has been involved with energy medicine practices and education for 19years.

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