Happiness, is Connection to your inner being, your centre.

inner-being, happiness

Happiness is Connection to your inner-being, your centre within.

Disconnection from your inner-being is how happiness and joy are lost. Giving life to a sense of ‘I don’t belong’.  Feel your way back to you and increase your intuition.

When thinking about happiness and connection it can bring up many images that are unique and special for each of us.  Images of family, friends, sports groups, social groups or self-help social groups that we may belong to face to face or online.  Though the connection that I would like to delve into with you is the connection to your inner-being your true centre.

There is increasing pressure on people, whether we believe it to be external or internal, to be achieving in all areas of your life and to maintain a high level of happiness while you have your attention and energy focused in many directions.  When focus is fractured people become the juggler and most often your energy then rises and stays in your head.  Then it is challenging to feel your way forward that will offer the most ease for your desired outcomes.

Everything going on around you is a direct response to what is going on within you.  Your thoughts create the life that you experience.  These are our conscious thoughts and our subconscious beliefs.

So what is your inner-being you may be wondering.  Other names you may have read or heard can be

  • soul,
  • spirit,
  • your light,
  • spiritual self. 

inner-being, golden light, happiness

Your inner-being is your light being as light is your vibration when you are not in this physical body.  It is that part of you that lives on when your body dies. If you have concerns regarding the afterlife please read my blog “Soul Groups – Before and Afterlife” as it may offer you comfort.  Your light being is pure energy and everything in our world is communicating via this energy.  If you take the time to practice re-connecting and fine tune this knowing you will be able to feel energy.  In the beginning it may work for you like this:

  • A) You ask your self which direction you should take to avoid the morning traffic?  Or
  • Which company you should choose to work with?  OR
  • Should you participate in this discussion right now?

Then you are answered in the following way:

  • A feeling will rise up in you and when your attention goes to one of the above for example you will sense a block like an energy wall in front of you or in your thoughts.  So you try another option and you sense free flowing energy there is no energy wall blocking the flow.  This is your inner-being guiding you towards the outcome that you desire with the least resistance.

Your intention when you incarnated here on Earth was to live in harmony with your knowing – so maintaining your happiness is connection to your inner-being.

Through your busy-ness and the fact that society has taught, for too long, that your mind is your only power and source of truth, a lack of happiness and joy is on the increase globally, you’re not alone in this many people feel disconnected because they are.

Finding your way back to happiness..

The way back to – Happiness is connection to your inner-being is to begin with small changes.  For it is in these small changes that you begin to lift your vibration.  If you have not read nor heard this term before ‘vibration’ think back to science class where you learn of molecules vibrating.

Well everything vibrates our thoughts, our emotions, our intentions, everything in our world does and it all communicates through vibration.  Intuitive people, empaths, psychics etc. are aware of this vibration and when you begin to live with this knowing as part of you, as it is our true nature to be this way this is why there is an increase in people becoming aware that they are empaths, you will find an increase in harmony to your life.

To lift your vibration so that you may connect back to happiness begin with a small change in your morning routine;

  • Gratitude, say 5 to 10 things that you are grateful for before you even get out of bed.

I like to begin by taking a big breath to wake my body up a little.  Bring my attention to my heart centre in the middle of my chest (heart chakra) and feel this area expand. THEN say what you are grateful for… it could be your pillow, bed, clean air, that you have a reason to wake in the morning, a warm shower that you’re about to enjoy.

  • When you see your reflection in the morning SAY WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR SELF 🙂
  • In those moments that your day is not going well or you being to feel frustration, do the above.  Take a deep breath and centre yourself at your heart centre and allow thoughts of happiness to flow in and follow those good feelings that match it.

These 3 small changes create an avalanche of clearer and higher vibrations within you allowing a pathway of happiness to become larger and larger.  It all begins within you,  Happiness begins and ends with you.  Happiness and your connection to your self is not dependant on what is our there rather what is happening within you and your vibration.

Happiness can be the foundation for your life.

inner-being, joy, happiness

No matter what your experience your intention was to find joy.

I would like to share with you something that was shared with me a couple of years ago by spirit.  To understand this I must first mention that time is not linear outside of this existence as we understand it.  I had the profound pleasure of meeting, though fleetingly, my own spirit between lives and she had the following to share with me…

This meeting started with me sitting in meditation in a lovely spot amongst nature.  Though on this day as soon as I sat down I heard a guide (one of my spirit guides) say “look beyond”  again and again it said the same thing.  I did start to laugh as I said to the guide “beyond what?”  As I heard the words again though a little less I focused on relaxing my senses both physical and etherical with the intention to look beyond and remain open to receiving.

I then was standing in front of myself in spirit form where I was reviewing my life (the one I am living now) by reading my Akashic Record.  With my spirit was a guide that walked behind her a couple of metres.  That guide was there to assist my spirit if she had questions about her review.  Though her guide would only assist in open ended discussions to allow her to come to her own awareness.

Once my spirit noticed me there she stopped mid stride looked at me and said “what are you doing here?”   She then put our Akashic Record down and waited for me to speak.  I said “I was informed to – look beyond.  So I did and I ended up here.”  She walked to me, saying a knowing “Oh,” turned me around and said “Now look back.  Look back on all of life including your own.  What is THE most important thing in life?”  As I looked back onto and into the world I could feel the truth of everything and the knowing that what was most important was JOY.

I was surprised at first that joy would be the answer and not world peace through loving each other no matter what or something similar.  My spirit said yes that’s right.  For when you have joy you have love.  Love for yourself in that moment, others, your action in that moment, your thoughts and all of this vibrates within you and vibrates out.  Every vibration affects its environment and can either raise or lower the earths energy and experience for all that live there.

Earlier that same year I set an intention that I wanted to bring more joy into my work and into the lives of my children.  Instead of our usual rushing to and from events.  So this change to bring in more happiness has been successful in many areas for me and for my family.  I feel that this connection I had with my spirit was a big catalyst for me to be even more aware of when I am with joy and when it is missing.

Remember happiness is in the small things that we acknowledge and from there it grows.

I hope this offered you something positive and thought provoking to feel your way with and into.  If you feel this may be of help to someone else please share or forward on.

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