Peaceful Moments are in the breath

Finding peaceful moments
Finding peaceful moments

There is a connection that gets lost in the busy day to day of living.

It is the most important connection of all, it is the connection with ourselves.  We all know why this connection has become fragile with work, social, family, sports and so many more commitments.
Now is the time to bring back love for our selves at a soul level.

Your soul has the knowledge of why you chose to be you in this life and what you wanted to achieve.  Let’s connect the links back into place and with practice and positive intention re-ignite your self love and passion through peaceful moments.

Peace resides at our heart center ( our all knowing intelligent center)  in the middle of our chest, at the front and back of your body, by breathing deeply into our abdomen with the intent to connect with your heart center, calm and peace begin to grow.
* If this is new for you try breathing in for a count of 4 into the abdomen – Hold for a count of 4 – Breath out on the count of 4.

What we do for our selves we do for every living thing in our world.  In building your connection with your heart center you connect with your soul bringing more peace into the world.

I’m beginning in the blogo-sphere with a weekly guide for four weeks on the following topics…each one will grow into the next, offering you peaceful ways to connect back to yourself raising your in built intuitive abilities which can lead you to your soul purpose.  Or to simply learn to be peaceful within which of course leads to a more peaceful and engaging life.

1) Grounding your energy & Shielding your energy.  A step by step guide on how to and why it is important for daily life.
2) What are chakra’s?  Where are the Chakra’s located and what colour are they?
3) Breathing through your chakra’s. Expanding on 1) to connect deeper.
4) Heart awareness meditation.

Let me know how you go with the activities were they smooth sailing or challenging for you.
Now challenges can be any of the following:
* Fidgety.
* Crying.
* Monkey mind.  Trouble relaxing the mind from it’s dramas.
* Tightness in the body that wasn’t there before.
* Anger / Frustration.

* Make a note of these challenges and leave feed back on how you went.  Drop me a line about anything you would like to learn for the next four week blog on the message board – I invite everyone to have their say.

I’m excited to be sharing with you what I have uncovered through my own personal growth and re-connection.  I’m now freely sharing with you course content that I have been teaching adults and children from all backgrounds.

Blessings till next Tuesday