Soul Groups – Before and Afterlife

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Soul Groups

A soul group is similar to how people generally  think of  their family.  A small or large group of people who know your story, the highs and the lows and you theirs. 

This blog is based on my own experience from when my soul group showed themselves to me a number of years ago.  At this time they also showed me some past lives that we had lived through together.  I am very great full for that experience as it was early on in my spiritual / psychic awareness and it helped me to understand what would be revealed to me later along my journey of spirit awareness.

A soul group emanates (from the spirit realm) compassion, gentleness and LOVE.  Their love flows through every cell of your physical and energetic self like a ribbon joining both parts of you together as one at your heart centre.  Your heart centre is your Heart Chakra in the middle of your chest this is where all-knowing and all LOVE flows to you.  When you learn to feel from here you’re connecting to your soul group and the same energy that flows through them, the same energy that flows through everything in your world and beyond is the energy that is behind everything – LOVE.

Experiencing this loving connection with my soul group was one of the most powerful sensations I have felt though it was not only the deep love that I felt I also knew of our complete knowing of one another developed through all life times physical and non-physical, a connection of this magnitude unfortunately we can not manifest in this reality.  For even though I have a loving family, a partner that supports and loves me unconditionally whom I am aware that we have had many physical lives together so our connection in the physical dimension is very strong, is still not on the same radar as our connection with our soul group in our energetic bodies.  When my connection with my soul group came to a close I cried from the very depths of my being.  Soul wrenching tears flowed from me for a long time because I knew how fortunate I was in this life to have the love of my husband so completely – yet even our love was a sad distant cousin – from where my soul group connection flourished.

Our soul group connections are so complete due to two reasons

1) our physical existence with one another .  We know and own together each others experiences in the physical dimensions – miserable, happy, sad, tortuous, perpetrator, victim, father, mother, child, sister, brother, friend, grandparent.  The positive and uplifting relationships and the ones that are destructive.

2)non-judgment.  In the physical realm even when we think we are living from non-judgment we still judge.  We judge cars, ones we don’t like against cars that we prefer.  This judgment flows daily from food, shoes, deodorant, television shows, movies, books, blogs, social media preferences, body types, faces, colour, flowers, plants, drinks, professions, crimes and the list is endless.  With our soul group judgment does not exist.  It’s not that they have learnt to overcome judgment, it has no life at all in our energetic selves.  What fills every soul up is compassion and love completely.

Before we incarnate into this life we discuss with our soul group how we will support one another in the next life.  Soul groups take into account all karmic journeys and then move forward with the best way to experience each members lessons together.  Neighbouring soul groups that are close in vibration (meaning awareness) may even overlap for some lifetimes helping each other with these karmic journeys.

Each re-incarnation is so we may have the opportunity to expand and grow our spiritual vibrations. Vibration is the frequency in which our accumulated experiences communicate with the universe and each other.  Think of an old dial radio where you would move the dial to find the channel with the highest frequency to clearly listen to your music or talk show.  Even though a large portion of your life you mapped out before incarnating it is still up to you to choose a positive or negative response to your life lessons, to work through those challenges or succumb to them.

Your life is your design and I wish for you to feel, experience and find compassion in all that you do.

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