Hawaiian Goddess # 1

alohaMy meeting with The Hawaiian Goddess.

Kahuna Massage & The Kahuna Goddess of Hawaii .

Who would have thought that during a massage I would experience ( in techni-colour) an hour get together with the Goddess of Hawaii, oops NO!  “The Kahuna Goddess of Hawaii” that is how she introduced her self to me while sitting upon the bottom of a verdant mountain side that I now know as Kauai. Just like in this picture below but imagine it up close and personal.

kauai Mt side

It was a sight when the Goddess told me her name was The Kahuna Goddess she stood upon the same green earth and with the internal power you see martial artists draw upon, she fisted her hands brought them up to rib height and pushed them into the earth as she told me her full name with a cheeky smile on her lips.  I felt that energy too the command of self assurance forged from pure loving awareness.  With all this strength she pulsated with gentle love.

It’s important here that I share with you an internal sensation I had been feeling for a year prior to this day.  An energetic pulling sensation in my chest and abdomen.  I had told my husband about this saying that I felt I had to go somewhere but I didn’t know where.  Bless him, my hubby takes this all in his stride as I am not mainstream in my life experiences and abilities.  The pulling sensation finally has an answer today.


I feel like sharing with you some of the fun experiences I have had with Spirit during some massages that I have had.  It seems over the last couple of years that every time I have a massage – which is not all that often unfortunately – the Spirit world gets together and says “Okay, who’s up today.”

I am going to share with you over the next 3 Blogs my kahuna massage experience and where that led me to go.  Also another experience with massage and meditation that led to another spiritual  healing and future adventure closer to home.

My wish in sharing these experiences is to offer up a moment of wonder in those that have not had spiritual experiences of this nature but are interested.  Also for those that need to know for themselves that you’re not alone on this earth and that it is wonderful not to always be just like the majority.


The Kahuna Goddess – known from here on in as the Goddess – continued to stand upon that beautiful green earth up above the sea with the soaring cliffs behind her and gesture to me to come.  With her arms up palms facing the sky she drew my attention to her, curling her fingers and hands in the gesture of come to me.  What the Goddess was saying was “come to Hawaii”.  The Goddess continued to do this for a couple of minutes.

Then she stood looking at me still with that gentleness wrapped up nicely with cheekiness, I know now that her cheekiness I was sensing was her knowing of me and the connection that her and I would share in the future.

As the Goddess stood there on either side of her just behind her now stood two women of grandmother age and behind them stood younger women all in a line like a V with the Goddess at the join up font facing me.  This line continued to grow all the way back to little baby girls floating in the air at the end of the line there must have been at least 50 females in each of those lines. They were showing me that all females hold the goddess energy.

They all smiled at me and started the same gesture again as the Goddess had with her hands beckoning for me to “come to Hawaii.”  This continued for a few more minutes, as the time passed I began to feel more connected to these women through my heart center (heart chakra) like they were close sisters of mine I had not seen in a long time.  Then they all started to say in unison “come home, come back to us, come home.”

All the while I am receiving one of the best massages I have had.  Did I mention this is my first ever Hawaiian massage and I see and meet with The Kahuna Goddess on this day at this very time, in a location a block from the beautiful sea, meant to be wouldn’t you say.

arms                             untitled

The Goddess then knelt on the grass still facing me, most of the women disappeared except for about 15 women who looked around the age of twenty something yet their knowledge far surpassed their age appearance.  They all stood around the Goddess in a semi circle as she worked with the earth and the elements.

I watched as the Goddess seemed to manifested elements out of thin air into a sphere in front of her.  This sphere was alive with energy and  particles of the earth, hovering above the ground.

The Goddess’s hands were moving the sphere of elements around and chanting in a native tongue I didn’t understand while intermittently looking over to me smiling never missing a beat in what she was doing.

As our time together was coming to a close the Goddess manoeuvred the sphere in my direction and then blew it over to me.   This energetic sphere of elements floated over to me and expanded to cover my full body length then began to settle over me and into me, becoming a part of who I am.

Fun seemed to fill her lips again and the Goddess said “now you’re coming to Hawaii.  You’re a part of us it’s time to come home.”

A few minutes later my Hawaiian massage was over and I was in awe of my meeting with Hawaiian Goddesses and a lot excited.  Prior to this meeting I had no interest in Hawaii as I already live in a beautiful location right between rainforest and gorgeous beaches I felt it made no sense to travel to more beaches. Until now.

I truly felt the pull inside of me have a home destination now.  Though the pulling me forward sensation did not cease but at least I knew where it was pulling me towards.  It was about 10months later that I suggested we go to Hawaii for our Ten year wedding anniversary.  So we made the bookings and went last year in 2014.

I met with The Kahuna Goddess and the goddesses in Hawaii near the end of our seventeen day trip in a ancient and sacred Hawaiian location.  I was also blessed with an instant physical healing I had requested while visiting there.

I will be writing about our second meeting in my next blog.  Hawaiian Goddess #2

frang on hand                 flower reath on head              waterfall

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