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everything vibrates our thoughts, our emotions, our intentions, everything in our world does and it all communicates through vibration.

Your spirit comes from love,  you are love, you go back to love.  Your journey here is to remember (not to learn, you already know!) your immenseness and in your remembering you are expanding your vibration strengthening your connection to the highest vibration in the Verse, Joyful Love.

Being in conversation with your spirit creates a smoother, yellow brick road, ahead on your life journey.  As you become sensitive to the feel of different vibrations you begin to feel the gentle push and pull of your decisions…

Hawaiian Goddess #2 Part 2                   Well here we are at the Healing Stones on Oahu where the royal women of Hawaii once travelled – too birth their

The “Kahuna Goddess”# 2  Part 1. A Healing at the vacant healing stones Firstly the picture above is the closest I could find to looking

  Thank you for your feedback Hawaiian Goddess #1 – has resonated with many people in different ways. I appreciate all of your lovely messages and

My meeting with The Hawaiian Goddess. Kahuna Massage & The Kahuna Goddess of Hawaii . Who would have thought that during a massage I would experience (

Soul Groups A soul group is similar to how people generally  think of  their family.  A small or large group of people who know your story,